Many In The US Feel That Russia Is Helping Trump To Win Elections At Home

Donald Trump, a member of the Republican Party was earlier elected as the president of the United States of America. However, he had to face criticisms both in the USA and abroad. Because of the criticisms, he faced it was decided to impeach the 45th president of the USA. Impeachment proceedings started against the president … Read more

Interesting Facts About Namaste Trump Event

Namaste Trump

Motera Stadium in Ahmedabad is drawing the world’s attention. It is prepared to host US President Donald Trump. The Municipal Corporation is busy making it prepared for the event and they are adding finishing touches. Apart from that security has been increased manifold outside the gates as the crowd is gathering in from various parts … Read more

Michael Bloomberg Obtains Support For Democratic Debates

After obtaining 19 percent support in a national poll, the billionaire Michael Bloomberg will be on the debate stage. The onstage criticism is certainly going to target him. Former Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg will be present in the next two Democratic debates. This is going to be his first appearance onstage with all the presidential … Read more

Famous Wedding Trends Of US In 2020

The upcoming wedding trends are mostly dependent on sustainability. Trends are from dried flowers to sustainable feasts. In this age when social media use in hike, couples have overwhelming amount of choice when it comes to starting to plan their big day. Nowadays, cookie-cutter traditions are replaced with personal touches that represent the couple about … Read more

US Election 2020: Is Bernie Sanders The FrontRunner?

In the race of 2020 election, people feel that Bernie Sanders is the front-runner in the race to become the Democratic challenger to President Donald Trump. Bernie Sanders likes to call his presidential campaign a revolution, but it is becoming more a rock concert. But the thousands of fans have their cheers for the scruffy-haired … Read more

US Election 2020 On The Way And Democrats Competing To Take On Trump

Election season is all its way and there are many democratic challengers who are in the race to Donald trump. Last summer, nearly 30 candidates were there but this season there are fewer than 10 who are present to compete. Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders are some of the famous names. Joe Biden is a … Read more

James Bond New Movie Premiering In China Affected Because Of COVID-19

James bond franchise is coming up with yet another movie and that is “No Time to Die.” The franchise is promoting the movie in different parts of the world including China. There was supposed to be a planned publicity tour of China for the movie but as of now that stands canceled in the event … Read more