Privacy Policy

GenX Tech World is dedicated to keeping your information private. When you engage with our website, and services, as well as any other sites on the internet or services which link to this Privacy Policy, your data or information are subject to the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy. The same goes for when you -

  • Engage in communication with us or participate in one of our activities via our website or other methods;
  • Make use of our goods and services and
  • Access any other websites or services that contain links to this privacy policy.

This privacy policy explains our procedures for obtaining, storing, using, sharing, transferring, and processing your personal information. It also outlines your options and legal rights regarding your data, such as your right to access and have it updated. According to this policy, “Personal Data” refers to all information about a named or distinguishable individual. If you disagree with it, you should not access our website, services, or any other websites or services that link to this privacy policy.

Users of GenX Tech World may gather and handle Personal Data while utilizing our offerings. As data controllers, our users adhere to all rules and legislation that call for notice, declaration, and/or authorization before receiving the users’ Data.

Occasionally, we make changes to this privacy policy, so we invite you to revisit it. Whenever we make any substantial changes to the Privacy Policy, we will notify you via email. We would therefore publish any modifications to the Privacy Policy on this site. Terms established in GenX Tech World are not elsewhere specified in this privacy policy will have those definitions.

Please utilize the following if you have any queries concerning this privacy statement, how we will manage your personal information, or to register your right to access, correct, or remove your personal information:

Write to us by mail at GenX Tech World.

Other Vital Information Concerning Privacy

Other Vital Information Concerning Privacy

  1. We never sell customer information.
  2. Your Personal Data will never be sold to a third party by us.

Data Regarding Children

Children under 16 are not the target audience for the websites, products, or services, and we neither knowingly nor willfully gather personal data about them. Please notify us if you think we might have any information regarding a child under 16 that needs to be removed.

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