Jacqueline sensational statement in court against Sukesh

The co-accused in the Rs. 200 crore extortion case, Jacqueline Fernandez has been making it to the headlines due to her shady deals with conman Sukesh Chandrasekhar, who happens to be the prime accused in the case. The case was up for hearing in Delhi’s Patiala Court on Wednesday, 18th January 2023 where Jacqueline sensational statement as her testimony under oath revealed that she was misled by conman Sukesh on several counts.

Jacqueline sensational statement
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Jacqueline sensational statement: Her statement in court

Jacqueline, in her statement under oath in the courthouse repeatedly stressed on the fact that she was misled by the prime accused of the case, Sukesh Chandrasekhar who was introduced to her by Pinky Irani. Sukesh had presented himself to Jacqueline as the owner of SUN TV, as well as a close relative to the then Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, J Jayalalitha. Jacqueline rued the fact that Sukesh had not disclosed any authentic details about his identity as he offered her work in Tamil movies as well in a partnership with him. She confirmed that it was only after he was arrested during the course of the investigation, that his real identity including his name and whereabouts, was known to her. Sukesh had introduced himself to Jacqueline as an ardent fan of hers as he offered the partnership to work on South Indian Films. Jacqueline sensational statement or testimony in court does give rise to a few more questions as the plot thickens. The case will be up for hearing once again on January 25th, 2023.

The investigation and legal tangle

 As the plot gets thickened with the revelations made by Jacqueline Fernandez in the Rs. 200 crore extortion case, ED (Enforcement Directorate) has already recorded her statement last year. Jacqueline and Sukesh are both being charged on the extortion case where she is ED’s prime witness against Sukesh. Jacqueline and Sukesh are also charged under money laundering charges as well in a different cases.

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