Chhatriwali Movie receives mixed response from viewers

Another social satire to churn our minds, might be somewhat a brief outline of the movie “Chhatriwali” releasing today, 20 January, 2023. This is definitely not the first of its kind as far as Bollywood is concerned. The public has accepted burning issues related to the reservations of the mind, no matter how illogical it might be in the past not just as a movie, but as an education of sorts.  With a near perfect star cast, especially the prominent ones, Chhatriwali Movie does add to the charm as well.

Chhatriwali Movie
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Chhatriwali Movie Story

The Chhatriwali Movie backdrop is set in small town Karnal where, SanyaDhingra played by Rakulpreet Singh lands up working in a condom manufacturing company as a tester. However, she fails to convey the same to her husband, even though he is very much loving and caring towards his wife. Rishi Kalra (Sumeet Vyas) drops his wife to her office every day but is unaware of her job details. His elder brother, even though a biology teacher is a typical orthodox patriarch and his wife bears the brunt of it. Their daughter Mini goes to school but is appalled to see why her father is reluctant to teach her about biology. The owner of the factory in which Sanya works is very much aware of the taboo and ensures that the secret of Sanya stays safe. Quite in contrast, a medical shop owner Madan Chacha doesn’t really understand the importance of using contraceptives and keeps bringing up his own theory.  The rest of the story deals with how a change of mindset is initiated and taken forward despite obstacles.

Movie Review

Birth control and the logic, rather the lack of it has plagued our society since centuries. Even though a few wise minds, did try to convince the masses to think otherwise, recognition of the idea was pretty far-fetched. Chhatriwali puts across the lessons of sex-education and its advantages in a quirky narrative humoring the audience. Although, Chhatriwali may not be as tight-knitted as Toilet or Vicky Donor, but it has been successful to an extent to make the audience traverse from being literate to being educated. Rakulpreet stands out as a revelation of sorts and carries the movie almost single-handedly.


RakulPreet Singh, Sumeet Vyas,Satish Kaushik, Dolly Ahluwalia, Rajesh Tailang,Prachee Shah,Paandya among others. The movie has been directed by TejasDeoskar and produced by Ronnie Screwvala.

Movie ott release date and trailer

The movie trailer was released in December 2022 and the movie is being released on 20th January, 2023 on the OTT platform Zee5.

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