James Bond New Movie Premiering In China Affected Because Of COVID-19

James bond franchise is coming up with yet another movie and that is “No Time to Die.” The franchise is promoting the movie in different parts of the world including China. There was supposed to be a planned publicity tour of China for the movie but as of now that stands canceled in the event of the deadly coronavirus that is taking a heavy toll of life not just in China but across the world. In the James bond new movie, Daniel Craig continued to be the protagonist just as the previous bond movie. However, it is learned that “No Time to Die.” is the last movie of Daniel Craig as James bond. In this context, it is relevant to add that according to the Sunday Times of London, the Bond star Daniel Craig along with key stars in the upcoming 25th James Bond movie was scheduled to travel to China for the movie’s premiere. The premiere was set for April in Beijing. However, the plan was marred by COVID-19 which has infected more than 69000 people.

james bond new movie

Corona Virus and How it Impacted the James Bond new movie

In this context, it is important to understand what the Coronavirus is and how it impacted the world in contemporary times, how it impacted the release of the James bond new movie.

Following the preliminary reports of Corona Virus cases understanding reveals that patients suffering from the disease report of acute respiratory problems. The disease started by the end of December 2019 in the Chinese Wuhan municipality. Chinese authorities have established the presence of a novel coronavirus as the prime cause of the disease. The Corona Virus outbreak has evolved at a rapid pace and if affected most parts of China. The disease also impacted adversely countries outside China. Corona Virus cases have now been spotted in several Asian countries. It has impacted the release and premiere of James bond’s new movie. The virus spread its tentacles in Australia, North America, Europe, and Africa. The first cases of the Corona Virus outbreak outside China in the EU were reported in France. The further global spread of the Novel Corona Virus is likely.

The novel coronavirus was named as a severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS-CoV-2) on 12 February 2020. The disease associated with the novel coronavirus is now referred to as COVID-19. COVID-19 is a new strain of the coronavirus and it has not been identified earlier in humans. Outbreaks of novel coronavirus infections among people are a public health concern. Moreover, little is known about the virus’s attributes and features. Also, it is unknown how the virus spreads between people, how severe are the infections that are associated with the virus and how to treat the diseases that are caused by the spread of the virus.

As far as the novel coronavirus is concerned, human-to-human transmission of the virus has been established but additional information is required to evaluate the full extent of the transmission mode of the virus. The genesis of the novel corona virus is unknown. It is believed that the virus could be still active. The diseases that are caused by the Novel Corona Virus are constantly spreading. There is no remedy to the diseases caused by the virus. Casualty because of the Corona Virus is continuously on the rise. Many people in China alone have succumbed to the illness caused by the COVID-19 virus. Hollywood movies like the James bond new movie, “No Time to Die” are not being able to release in time because of the Novel Corona Virus.

Corona Virus Adversely Affected the Hollywood Film Industry

There are more than 70000 films across China are shut presently owing to the well-being alarm. Reports suggest that there are few chances of the key stars getting clearance for travel to China even if the movie premieres again by April.  It was affirmed that the 007 voyage through China likewise was off a result of the uncertainty that resulted from the advancement of the pandemic.

Professionals at the entertainment industry of the UK acknowledge that whenever big-budgeted films are made then they are made keeping in consideration the revenue that is collected from big and populated countries like China. Apart from this James bond new movie, “No Time to Die” other Hollywood movies that are deferred in China in light of the wellbeing emergency include “1917”, “Little Women”, “Doolittle” and “Jojo Rabbit”.