Steps For Product Registration In Dubai, UAE In 2021

The product register in Dubai City is dependent on the specific product. And the registration process may differ. Manufacturers must follow the latest product standards and registration requirements. It is important to manufacture and export or import products in the UAE market. Before starting Products Registration you need to set up your Dubai business.

What Are Steps For Product Registration in Dubai, UAE?

The main goal of product registration in Dubai City is consumer safety. This process allows CPSS to collect appropriate information to assess product safety. No cosmetic product imports, exports, sold or distributed in Dubai without registration.

Product Registration

Importance of Product Register in Dubai, UAE

Any product coming into Dubai for local trade must complete registration. Receive a Certificate of Registration which you can request upon release of shipment.

Every product should have the necessary information on its label. It is to have clear information about what to buy.

When cosmetic products register in Dubai’s municipality, they carry out the verification. It is to determine if there are substances that can harm the human body. The same is true for food products.

Anything that is not right or inappropriate will get a clear rejection or flagged.

Essential Documents For Product Registration in Dubai, UAE

Many documents you will need for registering products in Dubai, UAE. The number of products you need to have before you start the process of registration is as follows-

  • Free Sale Certificate with government authority attestation in the country.
  • Analysis report with the signature of the brand owner.
  • GMP certificate is essential for health and local products.
  • If any health supplements contain animal derivative products, submit the halal certificate.

Process of Product Registration in Dubai

The actual product register process contains several essential steps. Before you even start the process, you must have the necessary documents (see above). You review each of the previous process steps to ensure that you do not fall into the “key comments” category.

Proofread before applying to avoid mistakes. If there is an error that causes automatic cancellation. It is clear that the former is better than the second, but success hinges on prior planning.

The product registration process in Dubai Municipality and other municipalities is the same. Companies must register their products in the city of the same emirate where they issue trade licenses. Ex if a commercial business license is issued in the Dubai register in Dubai Municipality. Upon registration by Dubai City, companies can sell their products to any Emirates in the UAE.

Complete the other important thing for product registration. That is register the same product or brand. In case they have sizes, packages, qualities, and quantities.

  • Have Valid License

Dubai City mandates product registration by companies operating in any free zone in Dubai. Having a valid permit is a prerequisite for a company to accept the processing of its products.

  • Register With Municipality

Companies must register with the community after confirming they have a valid license. The company must apply for a product registration service to start the process. Also, pay the product registration fee. Company representatives require to fill out a form for each product. The representative must also provide a valid assessment copy of the product label. Registration can only complete online in Dubai via the municipal website.

Complete Registration

After submitting the relevant documents, the Dubai City Government will review the application. If the product complies with the regulations, the product registers. And an electronic registration certificate generates. Registration is valid for five years. If there are objections, the applicant must respond with the appropriate supporting documents.


The registration of the production process may seem a little challenging. Especially considering the Dubai community’s decision will determine your product’s future. Yet, registering a Dubai City product shouldn’t scare you. Neither holds you back in your company’s ambitions.

With that in mind, it is always important to work with a professional. Those who understand the process and can guide you through it. It means that if you don’t have the experience you will get the best consultation. Business setup consultants can help you with smooth and hassle-free registration.