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  • How Can We Improvise Our Website Visibility With The Help Of An API Testing Service?

    Are you frustrated with your Website visibility and not getting enough traffic to your website than you should do API testing for your website and application. If you want to increase your website performance and want to create a good interface for your audience than browser compatibility testing, helps to operate with no difficulties. In […]

  • Using Azure Migrate To Migrate To Cloud And Monitor Your Progress

    Today cloud computing is growing with every passing day and with that, more number of organisations are migrating their on-premises data and their applications to the cloud. But why? It is because cloud can provide security and it is more cost-effective. During the previous times, the entire process of migrating to cloud was very tedious […]

  • Microsoft Patch To Fix Glitches In Popular Software Products

    Microsoft today discharged updates to plug almost 100 security openings in different renditions of its Windows operating system along with related software. This also included fixing vulnerability issues for Internet Explorer (IE). In this context, it is relevant to say that certain vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer are being misused. Likewise, Adobe has issued several security […]