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  • Best Exercises For Lockdown To Shed Those Extra Pounds

    The Covid-19 pandemic has significantly altered how we live and perceive our normal lives. Things and activities we did outside without thought are now affected by social distancing norms and lockdowns. Keeping the current restrictions in mind, we must adapt our exercising routine accordingly to stay safe and healthy. With this article, we bring you […]

  • Progress in Covid-19 vaccine Phase-II

    Covid-19 vaccine Phase-II

    In the current situation, the best escape route from the COVID-19 crisis is a vaccine. Every individual has one question in mind when will be the vaccine available. After the pandemic struck the world, the number of organizations is working on the invention of the vaccine. It is the only thing that can restore life […]

  • Lockdown- India’s preparedness for coronavirus

    India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared lockdown all over the country. Keeping 1.3 billion Indians inside their homes to prevent the spread of coronavirus – a Pandemic in the country is not easy. As soon as the first case of the coronavirus arrived India restricted flights and started screenings at all its major airports. As […]

  • Latest News On The Effects Of Corona Virus In India

    Coronavirus in India

    Coronavirus is a deadly disease in recent times and its origin has been traced in China. In a very short period, this disease has spread its tentacles across the world, wreaking havoc in as many as 70 countries across the world, has affected more than 88,000 people globally, killing over 3000 people. Though India is […]

  • All Essential Facts About Coronaviruses

    Coronavirus is a type of virus which is known to have strains which can cause deadly diseases in mammals and birds. In humans, this virus spreads through the airborne droplets of fluid produced by infected individuals. This virus is that dangerous that it can cause death in humans. The coronavirus derives its name from a […]