Progress in Covid-19 vaccine Phase-II

In the current situation, the best escape route from the COVID-19 crisis is a vaccine. Every individual has one question in mind when will be the vaccine available. After the pandemic struck the world, the number of organizations is working on the invention of the vaccine. It is the only thing that can restore life to normalcy. Moderna Inc. is currently in its COVID-19 vaccine Phase-2. Each participant of different age groups has been already dosed trial of phase 2.

Covid-19 vaccine Phase-II

What evaluations will be done in COVID-19 Phase-2?

In phase 2 of the vaccination of COVID-19, the evaluation will be done on safety, reactogenicity, and immunogenicity of both the doses of the vaccine against the SARS and CoV-2 virus which will be given in 28 days difference.

Inclusions in the trial of phase-2

  • The trial will be done on 600 healthy adults who are from two different age groups. One group consists of people aged between 18-55 and in another group, there are people over the age of 55 years.
  • Each participant from both the groups is given a placebo or a dose of 50 μg or a 100 μg. 
  • After that second dose for assessment of side effects and symptoms of neutralizing antibody is given.
  • Now they will be tracked for almost 12 months.

The trial of COVID-19 vaccine phase 2 is done by Moderna under its own investigational application. Earlier, the US food and Drug Administration has provided the company the designation of fast track. The mRNA vaccine was created by using the genetic material part of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Its intention was to trigger the immune response from the human body. 

About COVID-19 Vaccine phase 1

In the trial of the vaccine in phase-1, the protective antibodies were given to a small group of eight people. It provided an early glimpse of hope for the vaccination as it was the only way out of this disease. The study of phase-1 was done by the Nation Institute of Allergy and infectious diseases. 

People across the world are in a state of anxiety and uncertainty regarding coronavirus. At this stage, the progress in COVID-19 vaccination phase-2 is highly satisfactory. Still, there is a question when will be the vaccination available to the people. All the global communities have realized that it is necessary for enabling the immune system to recognize the coronavirus whenever it enters our bodies. A proper vaccine will recognize and immediately start creating antibodies that will destroy the viruses completely.

Not only one single company but multiple companies have already started their COVID-19 Vaccine phase-2 trial on the human body. The trial on the animals have been already completed which was successful. After the phase-1 trial, the second phase has already begun. Across the world, scientists as well as people are positive that vaccines will soon get developed and distributed globally. The fate of humanity is at stake so let’s hope that the second phase trial is successful! Until a vaccine is available, follow social distancing and personal hygiene guidelines for your safety as well as keep your loved ones safe.