Cancer Vaccine market projected to reach $13.41 bn. by 2030

Cancer Vaccine

Cancer Vaccine survey reports and studies published by several renowned consulting firms based in the United States confirm the growth of Cancer Vaccine sales to grow steadily at a rate of 10% CAGR to USD 13.4 billion by 2030. The research offers a detailed analysis regarding drivers, restraints, and opportunities to highlight changing market dynamics. … Read more

Philadelphia drug case engulfs students in drug-laced juice

Philadelphia drug case

Philadelphia drug case engulfs students in drug-laced juice as they were caught drinking opioid juice prompting school shutdown. The students were believed to be from Crossroads Accelerated Academy in West Philadelphia and two of the students of the school brought in drug-infested grape juice. The drink, which was laced with an opioid called “wonk” was … Read more

Global Air Pollution Measurement using the best censors

Air Pollution Measurement

Air Pollution Measurement can be tracked using Global Air Pollution censors and its market is growing steadily as per reports. Growing concerns about rising pollution levels both in the Atmosphere of Earth and on the surface is currently a cause of worry worldwide and hence measuring the same becomes all the more important. Corporations are … Read more

TEKASHI 6IX9INE sustained grave injuries after being beaten up


6IX9INE also going by TEKASHI 69 sustained grave injuries after being beaten up in a Florida Gym and has been rushed to the hospital soon after. Videos that have surfaced online from the CCTV footage shows that the rapper has been beaten up mercilessly by unknown assailants. The video also shows that 6IX9INE tried his … Read more

Candida Auris, the deadly fungal infection spreading in USA

Candida Auris

Candida Auris, the deadly fungal infection, spreading its influence rapidly in the USA as per US Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The WHO (World Health Organization) has flagged fungi as a priority for pathogenic purposes. Candida Auris – Decoded The muti-drug-resistant yeast was first discovered in Japan in 2009, and currently, it has … Read more

Bruce Willis’ Ex-Wife Demi Lends Help From Stallone And Arnold

Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis’ Ex-Wife Demi Moore lends Help from Sylvester Stallone And Arnold Schwarzenegger for his illness. The infamous Hollywood actor was diagnosed with aphasia last year, after which he retired from his acting pursuits after decades of an illustrious career in Hollywood. His co-stars in the movie. “The Expendables” have publicly announced their support for … Read more

Saving Private Ryan actor Tom Sizemore, in incurable coma

Tom Sizemore

The Saving Private Ryan actor Tom Sizemore is critically ill and is currently being treated at the Saint Joseph Medical Centre in Burbank. The acclaimed actor was admitted to the hospital after he was found unconscious at home. Tom Sizemore Health Update As per the representative of the actor, Charles Lego, the chances for the … Read more

Meghan Markle surprise revelation on Valentine’s day awaits

Meghan Markle

A Valentine’s Day special Meghan Markle surprise announcement from the Royal couple Prince Harry and her wife Meghan Markel awaits. News collected from authentic and trusted sources confirm that both Harry and Meghan are due to welcome their 3rd child and the announcement on Valentine’s Day might be to that effect. The couple has been … Read more

Blake Lively pregnant with her fourth baby in 10 years

Blake Lively pregnant

News of Infamous Hollywood actors, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds embracing parenthood for the fourth time in ten years of successful marriage exults fans and admirers of both actors as wishes pour in over social media from all over the world. The Blake Lively pregnant news with their fourth child in 10 years of their … Read more

Rihanna Pregnant as confirmed by her rep during Super Bowl

Rihanna Pregnant

Rihanna Pregnant news has been confirmed by her representative to The Hollywood Reporter during her halftime performance in Super Bowl. Rihanna’s pregnancy has turned into more of a news event that has caused much furor among the singer’s fans and admirers. The singer took to the stage as she played her hip-shaking hit numbers at the … Read more

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