YoYo Honey Singh troll: Introduced Tina Thadani after Shalini Talwar

Honey Singh has moved on romantically after divorcing his wife Shalini Talwar. Honey Singh’s girlfriend’s name has been revealed. He brought his girlfriend, the model Tina Thadani, to a party he was hosting in Delhi. Using the term “meri girlfriend,” the singer referred to the model. While addressing the same, he said that she inspired the album’s title, “3.0.” Unfortunately, Yoyo Honey Singh troll started and he quickly became the target of harsh criticism on the internet. Honey Singh and Tina’s hand-in-hand stroll at the event was captured on camera and shared widely. “Meri girlfriend baethi hai Tina, isne mujhe ye naam dia hai,” Honey Singh said of her to the media.

YoYo Honey Singh troll

Honey Singh and Shalini Talwar

A mere three months after finalizing his divorce from wife Shalini Talwar, Honey is already making headlines with his new girlfriend. YoYo Honey Singh troll is active on this new relationship and he received mixed response. Singer/songwriter Honey Singh’s latest single, “Paris Ka Trip,” features Tina. Yo Yo Honey Singh, better known as the rapper, has divorced his ex-wife Shalini Talwar after 21 years of marriage. Honey allegedly paid Rs 1 crore in alimony to settle the divorce. In 2021, Honey Singh wife, Shalini claimed that Honey and his family had emotionally and psychologically damaged her. On top of that, she said she had proof of domestic violence charges against him. The two had a chance encounter at school and quickly fell in love. They had been an item for 10 years before they finally married in a private Sikh ceremony at a Delhi farmhouse in January 2011.

The party Look

Honey Singh and his new girlfriend dressed the same for the event, both donning all-black ensembles. Tina looked chic in a thigh-slit black bodycon dress, while the singer opted for a black suit and glares. When walking together, Tina and Honey can be seen smiling at each other in one of the images.

YoYo Honey Singh troll by the Netizens

A relationship between Yo Yo Honey Singh and the model Tina Thadani has been widely reported. YoYo Honey Singh trolls have also expressed their belief in his relationship with Tina. Some examples are as follows: Tina mam hai, new bhabhi aa gayi kya. The singer’s ex-wife Shalini Talwar has accused him of domestic violence, and one internet user joked, “Isko bhi abuse karega.” Someone online said, “Oh bhabhi ji ko satsriakal.” Another person said, “New girlfriend is holding a Balenciaga.” “He cannot be the old honey Singh again as he has lost his appeal,” another user commented.

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