Dwayne Johnson Black Adam: Is the Super Hero Movie, a Big Flop?

Warner Bros., the company behind DC’s ‘Black Adam,’ seems like it’s going to lose up to $100 million, despite Dwayne Johnson’s successful foray into the superhero movie genre. Variety broke the news. The Dwayne Johnson Black Adam has earned $384.6 million worldwide against a stated budget of $195 million, as reported by Box Office Mojo. However, between $80 and $100 million is needed for marketing and production, which is not included in the budget. WB is expected to lose a lot of money on the picture after factoring in the cut from the theatres. Johnson altered the DC Universe’s pecking order, but he was unable to use his considerable celebrity to boost the film’s box office performance.

dwayne johnson black adam

Dwayne Johnson Black Adam

Johnson portrays Teth-Adam, also known as Black Adam, an antihero who has been dormant for five thousand years but has been reawakened in this film directed by Jaume Collet-Serra set in a fictitious North African kingdom. He is Shazam’s mortal opponent and will likely go up against Superman as well. Before it was decided to give the character a standalone movie first, Johnson was set to interpret the role alongside Zachary Levi in 2019’s ‘Shazam!’

Black Adam Movie Review

The reviews for “Dwayne Johnson Black Adam” were mixed with an extra of negatives all over the place. From WION’s review: “Black Adam’s biggest flaw is the narrative. It’s your standard, predictable superhero origin story (or, more appropriately, antihero origin story). This film seems to be a retread of numerous other superhero movies released over the last decade. It is also extremely predictable and does not really try a lot to do anything tremendously unique. A new twist in the story is not to be expected, therefore you should go elsewhere.”

I am familiar with the predictions of financial ruin for Dwayne Johnson Black Adam. That’s not the case!” declared Movie investor and producer Joe Singer, “The picture may be regarded as disappointing given it featured Dwayne Johnson in a DC film.” In spite of this, the film will be profitable when costs are deducted.

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