The Most Interesting Article About PEMF Device You’ll Ever Read

There is not a single type of PEMF device. Every device has its specifications that can fulfill the requirements accordingly. 

PEMF Devices

All these PEMF devices are not from a single manufacturer. Dozens of manufacturers produce these devices and strive to make them unique compared to other previous devices.  

However, pulsed electromagnetic field device provide a variety of benefits for many years. Now it is a part of treatments for many diseases, including acute and chronic issues. These devices mechanically, chemically, and electrically act outside the body and provide the benefits inside with rapid results. 

Everyone needs a different type of device according to the technical specifications and body requirements. So to choose the suitable machine according to your requirements, you must know the following things:

  • Doctor’s opinion according to your disease and body condition.
  • Your budget to afford the PEMF device
  • Your lifestyle and state of health 
  • Your clinical and medical history

So after looking at these factors, you can select your required devices.


Types of PEMF device

PEMF devices are available in different forms that work differently. Some are easy to use, but some require special assistance to use. But it is advisable to get a doctor’s guide to using the devices as it requires the specific frequencies for every disease. 

However, the PEMF device includes the Mats, pillows, pads, and coils. These devices are easy to use except for coil devices. They have a different mechanisms of working. When you choose the coil, it wraps around the body part and provides pressure to penetrate the specific electromagnetic frequency to targeted cells. 

So choose the device according to the requirements. Moreover, after selecting the PEMF devices, you may have been confused about whether it works or not. 


How do PEMF device work? 

PEMF therapy devices require the electrical current to produce the magnetic field in copper coils. Every device has a similar mechanism, no matter whether you use the pillow or mats. 

If you use the PEMF mats for the whole body, then it will be effective. To mat no matter if you lay on the mat or apply the applicator on the required area. By laying on PEMF mats, you will get the magnetic frequency in whole body muscles. But if you use the pads in a targeted location, they will penetrate the rays in specific body cells, muscles, and bones. 

However, the working mechanism of the PEMF devices is straightforward and specific. Some devices may have differences, but the goal is standard in every machine. 

PEMF therapy didn’t adversely affect the person’s health, but some may have minor reactions. So you might feel some discomfort after going through the initial treatments. Mostly these reactions are short-term and very mild. The responses of PEMF therapies include hypersensitivity, headache, itching, and nervousness. To resolve these issues, you need to make slight changes in your treatment, like lower magnetic waves’ frequencies. 



Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy improves the body’s situation by increasing blood circulation, healing wounds, and easing chronic pain. So it’s advisable to choose the PEMF device according to the requirements and get benefits.