Buying and Selling Bitcoins in Cryptocurrency transactions

Buying and Selling Bitcoins

For Buying and Selling Bitcoins, you can buy bitcoins from anyone who has them. Likewise, you can sell bitcoins to anyone who wants them. Fortunately, there are various places where you are likely to find a group of people willing to trade at competitive prices—exchanges. Buying and Selling Bitcoins – Exchanges Just like stock exchanges, … Read more

Hardware Wallets and its applications in the cryptocurrency

Hardware Wallets

Before starting off with Hardware Wallets, we just remind ourselves of the fact that we worked on the details of software wallets in the last session. Wallets Sometimes Bitcoin wallets can have a hardware component. Private keys are stored in chips on small handheld devices. Two popular hardware wallets are called ‘Trezor’ and ‘Ledger Nano,’ … Read more

Storing Bitcoins in Wallets and the basic functionalities

Storing Bitcoins

Before starting with Storing Bitcoins, we take a peek into the last session of our tutorial where we had discussed in detail the advent of digital transactions and the steps through which the cryptocurrency came into being, the way it has shaped up today. Background to Storing Bitcoins To start with, if an individual who … Read more

History of Bitcoin and its evolution over the years

History of Bitcoin

After discussing about the digital transactions of the yesteryears, the current session deals with the History of Bitcoin wherein we take a close look into the different types of the currency and its associated transactions. The History of Bitcoin does happen to be an eventful one even though as far as security is concerned, there … Read more

Old age Digital Transactions that evolved and diminished with time

Old age Digital Transactions

Old age Digital Transactions – e-gold One of the foremost Old age Digital Transactions system was e-gold, a website opened in 1996 and operated by Gold & Silver Reserve Inc. (G&SR) under the name ‘e-gold Ltd’ that allowed customers to open accounts and trade units of gold between each other. The digital units were backed … Read more

Bitcoin Predecessors and their individual characteristics

Bitcoin Predecessors

Before starting with today’s topic of Bitcoin Predecessors, we take a look back on the last session where we discussed about the Bitcoin ecosystem and how the bookkeeping nodes work in tandem in the background. Today’s topic in Bitcoin Predecessors include Digicash b-money Hashcash Bitcoin Predecessors- Digicash It is hard to overstate the impact that … Read more

Bitcoin Ecosystem and its various components that plays its parts

Bitcoin Ecosystem

Before starting with today’s topic of Bitcoin Ecosystem, we take a look back on the last session where we had a detailed discussion on the transactions that happen for Cryptocurrency transactions for Bitcoins. In the Bitcoin Ecosystem, we take a further look in how the bookkeeping nodes function along with the Mining. Today’s topic of … Read more

Challenges in Bitcoin Transactions and the resolution

Challenges in Bitcoin Transactions

Before starting with Challenges in Bitcoin Transactions, in the previous session, we dealt with the various characteristics of Bitcoin and the way ledgers are handled. Today we delve a little deeper into those complex territories and explore the world of Cryptocurrency. Topics to be covered Account Permission Problems Managing the account and decentralization Book Keeping … Read more

Understanding Bitcoins and its attributes in a digital era

Understanding Bitcoins

Before starting today’s session of Understanding Bitcoins, we take a peek into the topics of the last session. In the last session we took a peek into the most popular Cryptocurrency in today’s world, Bitcoins. We also covered a basic understanding of the same and are looking to delve a little deeper into the workings … Read more

Understanding the basics of Bitcoin with its fundamentals

Basics of Bitcoin

In the topic, Basics of Bitcoin, we take a look into what exactly a Bitcoin actually is along with the features that are very much unique to Bitcoin. Hence the todays session has been divided into 2 parts covering the different aspects of Bitcoins. Topics to be covered What are bitcoins? Features of Bitcoin Basics … Read more