US Election 2020 On The Way And Democrats Competing To Take On Trump

Election season is all its way and there are many democratic challengers who are in the race to Donald trump. Last summer, nearly 30 candidates were there but this season there are fewer than 10 who are present to compete. Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders are some of the famous names. Joe Biden is a well-known face and most importantly, he was a Delaware senator for more than three decades after that he became Barack Obama’s vice-president in 2009.

US Election 2020

Details from past election US election

Though as already mentioned, the number of contenders has decreased to 10 but still at some point of time it had grew to 30 democrats. In summer of 2017 the former congress man John Delaney has started the campaign for election. Further, a couple of months later he was joined by Andrew Yang. He completely supported him and tried his best through the election. He was campaigning for more than two and a half years after that he admitted defeat and withdrew in January. Similarly, Yang dropped out once he got just 1% of votes in Iowa and 3% in New Hampshire. Besides that, there are many others like Michael Bloomberg, who left the election late to get involved. According to Bloomberg’s strategy, his main agenda was to limit all his attention on states that will vote on Super Tuesday. He spent a huge portion of his personal wealth on TV ad campaigns to get enough support.

Essential points of poll

Throughout the election of 2019, Joe Biden was considered as the frontrunner. He was well known candidate as he had already served as Barack Obama’s vice-president for eight years. This gave him a strong name recognition and thus provided a clear lead in national polls. At the beginning of the year, the numbers have dropped but the Bernie Sanders overtook him in the race. Though it was possible only after a strong showing in the Iowa caucuses. Primarily, it was found that Sanders is likely to continue and his followers will increase after his win in the New Hampshire.

In case of Elizabeth Warren, she mostly overtook Biden in October last year. Now, he has seen her numbers fall in the past months. Apart from all that in 2019, Pete Buttigieg was the big surprise. That’s because of gaining traction while other high-profile candidates like Beto O’Rourke and Cory Booker struggled for success. It was found that his performances in Iowa and New Hampshire provide him a further bounce.

Introduction of the candidates

Bernie Sanders is a self-proclaimed “Democratic socialist” who came close to the nomination in the year 2016. Pete Buttigieg is a former mayor of South Bend, Indiana. He is a military veteran and one of the famous contenders. Michael Bloomberg is former banker as well New York mayor and most importantly one of the richest men in America. Amy Klobuchar is a three-term Minnesota senator who won votes in a Midwestern battleground state. Tom Steyer is a famous Hedge-fund billionaire from California who is having a history of advocating for liberal causes. Tulsi Gabbard is a progressive congresswoman from Hawaii besides that he is the first Hindu member of Congress.

Upcoming election drama

Every week in February, there is a contest but the actual race starts from the next month. This year, on 3 March, there are votes in many states which includes California and Texas. These are the two states with a huge number of delegates who are ready to participate. Soon, there will be a clear winner after the race end in July at the Democratic National Convention. The candidates who will get the highest number of delegates becomes the party’s presidential nominee.