Famous Wedding Trends Of US In 2020

The upcoming wedding trends are mostly dependent on sustainability. Trends are from dried flowers to sustainable feasts. In this age when social media use in hike, couples have overwhelming amount of choice when it comes to starting to plan their big day. Nowadays, cookie-cutter traditions are replaced with personal touches that represent the couple about to exchange their vows.

The Dress

In 2020, couples want to create unique days which truly reflect them as people. This is applicable in all the aspects from food to the dress, decor and even entertainment and dress. The traditional white dress isn’t the big part in trend. Though there are many women out there who would want to wear a big white gown on their wedding day, for some it can be little too restrictive option. The brides-to-be can get the best with designs that fit the budget and at the same time allows the wearer to express their own personal style. Every year, the wedding dress trends come and go but the boho look will continue into 2020.

More dynamic styles are expected to come in the upcoming years. Though there are number of styles like ruffles, fringing, pearls, earthy colours and sleeves which will remain. Definitely there are less of a demand for the traditional wedding dress, with a carefree, romantic look. People are shifting towards contemporary silhouettes with London-based fashion label Ghost extolling the virtues of gowns which is one of the famous fashion trends. With bridal tailoring there are number of modern brides who opt for trouser suits and jumpsuits instead of traditional gowns. Apart from that another biggest shift will be the colour as most of them are opting for softer hues and metallic finishes.

Hair and make-up

Everyone wants to be unique so they don’t follow any trends when it comes to make-up. For each one, the wedding day is likely to be the most photographed day of life. Many of them may get tempted for a bold new look, but bridal make-up should never follow trends. You should always follow your signature like when your signature look is a red lip, go for a red lip but if you are thinking to wear it on the wedding day then you should not try something new. This big day is not the day to test out something new.

Food and drink

The biggest wedding trend of 2020 is the concept of grazing tables. The process of table planning will become past as grazing tables are becoming popular. In this concept the grazing tables are the areas that are filled with a mix of sweet and savoury snack options. This will encourage your guests to come back for more. Besides that, couples are also turning to sustainable options with the trend for environmentally friendly weddings. Starting from recycled paper for the invitations to the sourcing of the lamb are all to be environmentally friendly.

The decor

Sustainability will have a serious impact on wedding trends of 2020 even in part of the décor. Couples are opting for statement decor pieces for their wedding that can be used for their homes afterwards.Neon lights and bold signs are the latest trends of 2020, particularly with hand-painted typography and patterns. Apart from that dried flowers becoming increasingly popular as that can be used throughout the decor, bouquets and most importantly they are reusable.

So, if you are a guest to any wedding then you can expect far more than just the classic Princess-style gown and matching bridesmaids. Nothing is off the table when it comes to celebrating the big day from the bride to bride’s gown except, the stringent rules.