Candida Auris, the deadly fungal infection spreading in USA

Candida Auris

Candida Auris, the deadly fungal infection, spreading its influence rapidly in the USA as per US Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The WHO (World Health Organization) has flagged fungi as a priority for pathogenic purposes. Candida Auris – Decoded The muti-drug-resistant yeast was first discovered in Japan in 2009, and currently, it has … Read more

Cameron Diaz set to bid goodbye to silver screen for parenthood

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz is set to bid goodbye to the silver screen for parenthood after the next venture with Jamie Foxx production, “ Back In Action”. It is being widely believed that Foxx has coaxed her to pause her current retirement plans for the flick on Netflix and the fact that this would be her lone … Read more

Mowalola London Fashion 2023 unveiled her fall collection

Mowalola London Fashion 2023 unveiled her fall collection

UK-based Nigerian celebrity designer Mowalola Ogunlesi made her long-awaited return to Mowalola London Fashion 2023 Week for Fall/Winter which is said to be New York-inspired, with a seemingly apocalyptic runway show held at a former university building-turned-art gallery. Mowalola Ogunlesi brought the Big Apple to the British capital, presenting a mirage of bootleg creations that … Read more

Top Beauty tips for face for a healthy and glowing skin

Beauty tips for face

As they say, “Face is the index of mind”, a healthy skin does reflect a healthy mind as well as a healthy body.  Looks at time does matter and do carry the message that reflects self-confidence and best hygiene practices above all else contributing a lot to the all important “ First Impression”. Prolonged efforts … Read more

Better Morning Routine for the body and mind to begin your day

Better Morning Routine

As the saying goes, “Morning shows the day”, a superlative beginning can help in drawing the plans for a superlative day. The two main ingredients for planning such a day can be a healthy body and a healthy mind. Just like the Greek saying, “Mens sana in corpora sano” that dates back to the first … Read more

Masaba Gupta secret marriage on Jan 27th with actor Satyadeep

Masaba Gupta secret marriage

Daughter of eminent Indian Film personality, Neena Gupta and prolific West Indian batsman Viv Richards, Masaba Gupta exchanged vows with long-time boyfriend and actor Satyadeep Mishra. The Masaba Gupta secret marriage was a very low-key affair attended by a very few family members in close quarters. The couple however, took to the social media platform, … Read more

Best 4 Vitamin D Deficiency Foods You Must Eat Daily

Vitamin D deficiency foods

The body requires vitamins to maintain a number of critical functions. Various vitamins keep the body’s organs functioning. Therefore, a deficiency of vitamins will result in a number of problems. Each vitamin serves a unique purpose. Among all vitamins, Vitamin D is another essential one. Major disorders may develop in the body if Vitamin D … Read more

Anika Noni Rose wedding with Jason Dirden is now public

Anika Noni Rose wedding with Jason Dirden is now public

The voice of Disney’s acclaimed, “The Princess and the Frog”, Anika Noni Rose wedding with Jason Dirden happened in a private ceremony in October 2022. Even though a bit late as far as the sharing of the wedding pics is concerned, they did make it to the social media platforms recently. Needless to say, the … Read more

Sushant Singh Dog died as confirmed by his sister Priyanka

Sushant Singh Dog died

Netizens and the deceased actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s fans flooded social media platforms after news of Sushant Singh Dog died, Fudge made it to the social media sites. The actor reportedly shared a close bonding with his pet, and the pet was also aggrieved about the death of the actor on its own terms. Sushant … Read more

5 Best Fatty Liver Diet to Stay Away from Severe Diseases

fatty liver diet

The liver in our body plays a crucial role. Numerous issues might result from liver dysfunction. A significant factor in liver damage is your way of life and nutrition. Having a fatty liver is caused by the liver accumulating too much fat. Our liver is unable to function effectively because of fatty liver. There are … Read more