Many In The US Feel That Russia Is Helping Trump To Win Elections At Home

Donald Trump, a member of the Republican Party was earlier elected as the president of the United States of America. However, he had to face criticisms both in the USA and abroad. Because of the criticisms, he faced it was decided to impeach the 45th president of the USA. Impeachment proceedings started against the president and at one point in time, it appeared that the president will be ousted through the impeachment procedure. However, things took a different turn and as of the day the president of the USA, Mr. Donald Trump stays not impeached. Many in the US government think that Russia is helping Trump to avoid getting impeached. Back in Washington DC, the election insight authorities cautioned government officials that Russia was meddling in the 2020 battle to get President Donald Trump reappointed.

Russia Helping Trump : Many in the US Feel that Russia Have Political Interests in the US

Russia Helping Trump

Since the appointment of Trump as the President of the US efforts is on to associate him with Russia and this may feel that there is a kind of bonhomie between the two states. However, it is a good thing that Russia and the United States have friendly diplomatic relations. But professionals in the US Intelligence department feel that for a democratic state like the US, being near Russia, which used to be a socialist state in the past, can be a dangerous thing. Given the strained relationships between the US and Russia in the cold war era, many in the US feel it difficult to trust Russia. Hence when there were rumors post US election that Russia is favoring Trump in the run-up to the president of the USA then US intelligence officials issued alarms on several occasions.

There are many critics of Trump at home and abroad. The US intelligence team used them to orchestrate an impeachment process against Mr. Donald Trump. Though not successful in impeaching Mr. Trump but the US Intelligence agencies reiterated time and again that Russia is helping Trump. Vexed with the rants and related actions from officials of the US Intelligence, Mr. Donald Trump expressed his annoyance with top intelligence officials. He discussed the matter with a few and also expressed his desire to replace a few intelligence officials who according to him are creating problems. The blog highlights the researches of some of the top media agencies.

Trump Blamed US Intelligence Officials for Not Being Loyal

First detailed by the New York Times, the February 13 briefing prompted Trump criticizing acting director of national intelligence Joseph Maguire. According to reports Trump blamed the intelligence official for being not loyal. In this context, it is pertinent to mention that earlier Mr. Shelby Pierson told legislators that hostile Russian performers were carrying on with political race interruption since 2016.

Trump was supposedly particularly disappointed that House Intelligence Chairman, Adam Schiff. However, D-Calif. was remembered for the briefing, for dread that the congressman would attempt to utilize it to undermine the president during his re-election campaign and this is by the New York Times. In this context, it is understood that Schiff drove the indictment procedures against Trump.

Pierson talked about Russia’s endeavors, including the militarization of social media and hacking and that Russia is helping Trump in the process. Pierson also discussed the diminishing of election infrastructures. According to reports from CNN, Pierson was not popular among house lawmakers who are faithful to Trump.

Maguire is presently set to resign as acting DNI. Trump reported for the current week that he would be substituted by Richard Grenell. In this context, it is to say that Richard Grenell is the minister to Germany has been among the most supporters of the president inside the U.S. political corps. Trump said that he wants Grenell tas as his acting Intel boss. In this context, it is relevant to add that the position of the Intelligence chief has been devoid of a permanent Senate-confirmed appointee for the past half a year.

Russia meddled in the 2016 political decision trying to help Trump to triumph. The impedance prompted the investigation of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s. Mueller told legislators after the two-year inquiry that the Russian government had tried to interfere in the 2016 political race emotionally. Mueller further added that Russia is/was helping Trump intending to profit Trump. He said Trump’s crusade invited, even lauded, that help, and keeping in mind that he said agents didn’t accumulate adequate proof to demonstrate a scheme.

According to the tweets of Chuck Schumer, Senate Minority Leader, Republicans continue blocking political security bills in the Senate. Many believe that they would preferably let Putin prevail upon rather than confronting President Trump.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who is the senator of Massachusetts and who is campaigning for the Democratic selection, said that Trump is destroying the law and its standards. She added that the current US president is also destroying the respectability of our vote based system.