WatchOS 10 new feature and compatible devices in Apple Watch

watchOS 10

watchOS 10, the Operating System for Apple Watch aims to overwhelm users with its new features like Smart Stack, which can organize the widgets and apps like Fitness, Phone as well as Maps. Listed below is a short description of the new features: watchOS 10 new interface Ease of navigation had been the USP as … Read more

Pocket friendly Tabs under Rs. 10,000 available online

Pocket friendly Tabs

In the article for Pocket friendly Tabs, we take a comparative look into the tabs that are priced below Rs.10000 and have been reasonably appreciated by the users as per their feedback. The parameters of the comparison include the price, screen size, processor efficiency, RAM, and storage, along with camera and screen resolution. The details … Read more

Using NameDrop in iOS17 effectively as a contact tool

NameDrop in iOS 17

This Article for NameDrop in iOS 17 illustrates in detail the feature of the NameDrop feature in iOS 17. The feature is useful in sharing contacts with loved ones and family without any hassles. It is an important tool that can quickly and seamlessly exchange contacts with other Apple users in the fewest steps possible. … Read more

Personalized Contact Posters in iOS 17 configuration details

Personalized Contact Posters

Personalized Contact Posters in iOS 17 configuration details with comprehensive steps as suggested by experts. This new feature of iOS 17 in Apple devices has been appreciated by users worldwide. This feature enables the users to personalize contact photos and posters that can suit the personality traits of the associated individual. The feature happens to … Read more

Apple Pay on Mac Ventura with steps for activation and pay

Apple Pay on Mac

Apple Pay on Mac is slowly gaining popularity as more and more users are using Mac nowadays. Apple Pay happens to be one of the most popular methods of digital payment, just like Google Pay and its adversaries. Enriched with technologies like digital wallets and state-of-the-art security, which happens to be the USP for Apple … Read more

Turning Off Location Service on iPhone and iPad detail steps

Turning Off Location Services on iPhone

Location Service on any mobile device can be used for various utilities like finding directions or locations, sharing locations, and weather updates as well. On social media too, location services are also used for various activities. In this article, we illustrate the steps for turning off the location service on mobile devices like iPhones and … Read more

Apple Music Set Lists on iPhone, iPad and Mac devices

Apple Music Set List

The Apple Music Set List feature in Apple devices helps in watching concerts of the favorite artists. The feature helps in tracking and accessing tour dates and sets lists of such artists. The application can also redirect the users or fans to the official ticket sellers as well. The below-mentioned steps can help the users … Read more

Affordable Power Banks under Rs. 2.5K available online

Affordable Power Banks

Affordable Power Banks are now one of the most integral parts of Mobile phone Accessories. The use of power banks has also increased with the introduction and eventual popularity of wireless devices like Earphones, Airpods, Phones as well as Wireless Speakers. We have zeroed in on 3 such Power Banks which are budget friendly and … Read more

Using Whatsapp on Mac for multiple numbers and accounts

Whatsapp on Mac

Using Whatsapp on Mac can now be done easily by following a few steps. Attending messages and phone calls using Whatsapp too is now possible with the linking of Whatsapp on Mac devices for multiple numbers and accounts. The detailed steps of Using Whatsapp on Mac for using Whatsapp on multiple numbers and configuring the … Read more

Cheapest 5G phone with respect to configuration and review

Cheapest 5G Phone

With the unveiling of the 5G network, the mobile phone market has been flooded with Cheapest 5G phones that have 5G support. The price for these phones ranges from Rs.15000 to Rs.50000. However, we review the pocket-friendly 5G phones taking into consideration, the configuration and the user reviews. Please find below the detailed study of … Read more