Microsoft New AI Copilot launching as a help for Microsoft 365

Microsoft New AI Copilot

Microsoft New AI Copilot, the first of its kind to be launched by Microsoft in the AI ecosystem, is arriving. The new application will be assisting people in generating documents, emails as well as presentations based on the Microsoft Office 365 applications. Microsoft New AI Copilot – Working and uses Microsoft New AI Copilot is … Read more

Brendan Fraser win the Oscar Awards for Best Male Lead Actor

Brendan Fraser

Brendan Fraser of “ The Mummy” fame, bagged the Academy Award for the Best Male Actor in  Lead Role for his performance in the movie, “ The Whale”, directed by Darren Aronofsky. He was closely contested by the other nominations in the category that include Colin Farrell for “ The Banshees of Inisherin”, Paul Mescal … Read more

The Role of Graphic Design in UX/UI Design

The Role of Graphic Design in UX/UI Design

Graphic designers’ demands continue to grow by 7% from the previous year, and salaries are competitive in this field. So, everyone nowadays wants to become a designer. But the question is, is he aware of the basic role of graphic designing? In today’s technological era, user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design have become … Read more

How to Extend Volume in Windows

Extend volume in Windows

Background: – To Extend volume in Windows which are logical divisions of a physical storage device used for storing and accessing data. The process of storing and accessing the data is defined by the File System the volume is baptized with. Unlike partitions, a volume can be assigned names and also span multiple physical storage … Read more

5 Best Digital marketing stages of 2023 to earn online money

Digital marketing

Digital marketing adapts to changing customer needs and market conditions. However, the steady stream of brand-new marketing fads to make your job even more difficult. Top institutions of marketing like, Facebook and Google algorithms change several times a year, which can render your SEO tactics obsolete if adaptation to the changes are not adhered to. … Read more

Black Panther 2 News update for OTT release on 1st February

Black Panther 2 News

The Black Panther 2 News on its sequel, titled Black Panther 2: Wakanda Forever, is set for an OTT release. The Black Panther 2 release date for India has been confirmed as 1st February 2023 on Disney Hotstar. The movie release, which is the second in the series under the Marvel Cinematic Universe umbrella and … Read more

Pamela Anderson love story with Motley Crue lead Tommy Lee

Pamela Anderson love story

The Pamela Anderson love story nude sex tape leaked by an electrician who got fired while working at the Motley Crue home of Tommy Lee, had stolen the sex tape and distributed them after making several copies of the same. This incident made the news headline on social media. Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee romance … Read more

Usain Bolt scammed $12 million in Financial fraud

Usain Bolt scammed

Usain Bolt is the latest victim of Financial fraud, which is steadily engulfing the world into its dark abyss. Olympic champion Usain Bolt was scammed for $12 million, which was a part of savings meant to serve his needs as a pension in his retired life. Bolt has won 8 gold medals in the Olympic … Read more

Battle royale game on Android and PC’s that are trending

Battle royale game

The words “Entertainment” and “Fantasy” has always caught the attention of the masses irrespective of age, gender and occupation, especially when both words are combined together. With the advent of gaming as a genre that rose exponentially PC’s and Laptops gaming evolved as a way of life, especially for youngsters. The advent of the Internet … Read more

Latest Jio New Year Plan: Net + 14 OTT subscriptions in just 200/-

Jio new year plan

Mobile and internet services are both available from a variety of telecommunications providers nowadays. Like Jio, every service provider provides both mobile and broadband internet connections. Numerous prepaid and post-paid cellular plans are available from telecommunications companies, each of which includes included data, calling, and SMS allowances each day. However, there are times when even … Read more