Using NameDrop in iOS17 effectively as a contact tool

This Article for NameDrop in iOS 17 illustrates in detail the feature of the NameDrop feature in iOS 17. The feature is useful in sharing contacts with loved ones and family without any hassles. It is an important tool that can quickly and seamlessly exchange contacts with other Apple users in the fewest steps possible. During Apple’s latest Worldwide Developer’s Conference, the company made significant announcements included in iOS 17, the newest operating system for the iPhone. One new feature that’s reminiscent of Apple’s AirDrop is NameDrop, which makes sharing a contact’s information with another iPhone actually convenient.

NameDrop in iOS 17 – Fundamentals

The new feature, NameDrop in iOS 17 is a powerful tool in designed to share contacts with other Apple users. It negates the need to manually enter the contact details or transfer the same to others or use any third-party apps in the process. The feature is also integrated with AirDrop and is lightning-fast.

NameDrop in iOS 17
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NameDrop in iOS 17 – The working and steps

NameDrop in iOS 17 uses Bluetooth to share contacts. Hence, both the devices involved in the transfer should have Bluetooth on, for the transfer to happen.

As a prerequisite for the process, NameDrop should be supported on both the source and the destination Apple devices to implement the feature.

Steps to transfer contacts using NameDrop in iOS 17

  1. Both devices should be brought close to each other for sharing the contact details.
  2. The device would prompt if the users would like to share contact, email or photo.
  3. Once the option is chosen, select Share or Send for the transfer to happen.
  4. The receiver should then confirm the receipt of the same on the concerned device.
  5. The confirmation would be displayed once the sharing happens on the device.

The NameDrop in iOS 17 has not yet been released publicly by Apple as yet in the market, however, as confirmed, it is expected to be rolled out very soon.


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