DNS Cache clearing in iPhone and iPad as suggested by expert

DNS Cache

DNS Cache happens to be one of the most effective steps to faster browsing and with the advent of smartphones, the internet has become a part of the lifestyle and individuals happen to spend most of their time on the phone, being online. Access to relatively cheap data plans has also contributed to the cause. … Read more

Affordable Smart Watches under Rs. 2000 available online

Affordable Smart Watches

Under the Affordable Smart Watches category, we take a brief look at those smartwatches that are very much affordable and pocket-friendly and are priced below Rs. 2000. All of these smart watches are compatible with Android and iOS and hence can be paired and used with most popular and common smartphones including iPhone. All of … Read more

Budget Karaoke Players below Rs. 1500 available online

Budget Karaoke Players

Budget Karaoke Players which are available online happens to be one of the most sought-after musical electronic items available in leading online stores. These items are available in varied features which would be the topic of discussion today as far as the technical specifications of Budget Karaoke Players are concerned. Budget Karaoke Players – Pick … Read more

Affordable Home Printers under 10K available online in India

Affordable Home Printers

Under the Affordable Home Printers category, we take a close look at those Inkjet Printers that are used for household or small office use. These printers are All-In-One in nature with the feature to Scan, Copy, and Print. Some of them will also have the option for Fax, even though the feature is hardly used … Read more

Affordable Tabs under 10K available online in India

Affordable Tabs under 10K

Tabs have been one of the most sought-after items nowadays. The advantage of these devices is their portability which goes a long way in making them one of the most sought-after choices after mobile phones. In this article, we discuss and compare a few tabs that are supposedly one of the best products in the … Read more

Instagram Story hiding on iPhone or Apple devices

Instagram Story

Social media users, at times, might need to filter their list of friends to whom they would like to share their stories or posts. Since users generally have their friends and acquaintances included in their Instagram profiles, not always do they feel like sharing their posts with everyone. This article deals with sharing an Instagram … Read more

Best Affordable Home Theaters from boAt under 10k

Affordable Home Theaters

Under the Affordable Home Theaters category, boAt as a digital electronics company has seen exponential growth in the last few years mainly due to the quality of their product apart from the durability. Currently, their home theatre under the Affordable Home Theaters category that goes by the name of Soundbar, has a series of pocket-friendly … Read more

Apple Music Set Lists on iPhone, iPad and Mac devices

Apple Music Set List

The Apple Music Set List feature in Apple devices helps in watching concerts of the favorite artists. The feature helps in tracking and accessing tour dates and sets lists of such artists. The application can also redirect the users or fans to the official ticket sellers as well. The below-mentioned steps can help the users … Read more

Affordable Power Banks under Rs. 2.5K available online

Affordable Power Banks

Affordable Power Banks are now one of the most integral parts of Mobile phone Accessories. The use of power banks has also increased with the introduction and eventual popularity of wireless devices like Earphones, Airpods, Phones as well as Wireless Speakers. We have zeroed in on 3 such Power Banks which are budget friendly and … Read more

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