Best Budget Smart TV under Rs. 10000 available online

Budget Smart TV

In the Budget Smart TV range, the reviews covered in this article include those that are priced below Rs. 10000. This TV has the option of integrating the OTT apps apart from providing HD resolution videos as well. Please find below the comparative study of the Budget Smart TV available online on leading e-commerce portals … Read more

Contact group on iPhone creation for ease of contact access

Contact group on iPhone

Contact group on iPhone happen to be a time-saving process when it comes to intimating or communicating to specific group-based contacts like workplace ones, friends from college, etc. The same process of group creation is available on Whatsapp and Facebook as well, but creating a Contact group on iPhone is also facilitated. Till iOS 16, … Read more

Sensitive Content Warning on iOS 17 and iPadOS 17

Sensitive Content Warning on iOS 17

Sensitive Content Warning is nowadays a regularly encountered feature while navigating pages or social media platforms. Inappropriate materials can be sent or received by mistake by the users if the sensitivity flag is not raised, causing embarrassment. Even for children, the same holds true. Apple has come to your rescue with iOS 17. Whether you’re … Read more

Budget Power Banks under Rs. 2500 with 20000 mAh Battery

Budget Power Banks

Budget Power Banks available online provide a handy and mobile alternative to charging the phone and tablets while on the go. The battery for these discussed power banks is 20000 mAh which happens to be pretty robust. In this article, we take a comparative look into the features of the bestseller power banks available online … Read more

Pocket Friendly Hard Drives under Rs. 4000 available online

Pocket Friendly Hard Drives

Pocket Friendly Hard Drives in the Internal Hard Drives or Permanent memory devices for Desktops happen to be the most integral component of a Computer System. In this article, we compare the different models of Internal Hard Drives with respect to storage space, RPM, read and write speed, etc. Please find below the comparative analysis … Read more

Buy Gaming Wired Headphones under Rs. 1000 available online

Gaming Wired Headphones

Gaming Wired Headphones have evolved over time and are one of the most sophisticated forms of high-end gaming. These headphones happen to be wired and can easily be connected to Desktops and Laptops using the 3.5 mm connector. In this article, we take a look at the most pocket-friendly ones available and compare them as … Read more

SharePlay shut off process on Apple TV in 3 effective steps

shareplay apple tv turn off

SharePlay happens to be an effective tool included in Apple-manufactured systems and devices that allow sharing of movies and music files on a real-time basis with family or friends. The application helps in real-time viewing or listening of the media files even with those who are far away geographically. SharePlay challenges on Apple TV The … Read more

Buy Pocket Friendly Memory Cards under Rs. 1000

Pocket Friendly Memory Cards

Pocket Friendly Memory Cards are nowadays very commonly used as storage devices in Laptops, Desktops, Phones, etc. The storage capacity of the memory cards provides a pocket-friendly alternative to other conventional storage devices like Hard Disks, etc. Their portability is also one of the most advantageous features since the same can be used in a … Read more

Sonoma best 6 features in macOS to be known to all

Sonoma macOS

Sonoma is currently the Operating System used in macOS that happen to populate Apple Computers. The name happens to be derived from a county in California in the heart of the state of California, which is known for its wine manufacturing. Upgrades of the Operating System are being provided by Apple to ensure a top-notch … Read more

How To Standby Mode enabled in iOS 17 iPhone Details steps

StandBy Mode on iOS 17

Enabling Standby mode in iOS 17 happens to be one of the most distinctive features of iOS 17 that have been newly introduced. When the iPhone happens to be on Standby Mode, it will display useful info that will include time, weather, calendar, photos, music, etc. The Standby Mode can also be used to control … Read more