Sharad Pawar selects Supriya Sule as NCP working President

NCP founder and supremo Sharad Pawar, regarded as one of the stalwarts of Indian Politics, appointed his daughter Supriya Sule as the working President of the party on 10th June, the NCP foundation day. The move happened visibly to the discontent of Pawar’s nephew Ajit Pawar who had been working towards the role of the party head, replacing Sharad Pawar.

Sharad Pawar
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Sharad Pawar chooses daughter to nephew

Controversies regarding Pawar’s successor in the party have been in the news for quite a while now as nephew Ajit Pawar had been pursuing the position, much to the discontent of his uncle and party founder. The infighting within reached its peak when Pawar announced his resignation from the party, much to the discontent of his party workers, who resisted the decision vehemently. The resignation is said to have been prompted by the fight for the highest chair within the party between Sharad Pawar and his nephew Ajit.

On the party foundation day, the declaration of the party founder appointed his daughter Supriya Sule as the working president and also as the party head in the state of Maharashtra, a position held by his nephew Ajit Pawar to date.

Discontent visible for nephew Ajit Pawar

The announcement of the portfolio allocation of the party didn’t go down well with Ajit Pawar which has been evident in his body language. Although none in the party acknowledged the discontent and played down any rift within the party, the announcement saw Ajit leave the gathering almost immediately.

Replying to it, she said, “Yes, there are dynastic politics and I am extremely proud that I am a daughter of Sharad Pawar and Pratibha Pawar. I received the Sansad Ratna award not because I am the daughter of Sharad Pawar, but because of the work I am doing in Parliament.” Those who point their finger at me should understand that the rest of the fingers are pointing back at them. Therefore, let some people talk about such things, she added.

On Sunday, Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde also accused the NCP of promoting dynastic politics. Speaking in Srinagar, he said, “I will only say that like in the Shiv Sena, Uddhav ji became the CM himself and made his son a minister, the same is happening in the NCP as well.”


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