Presenter Overlay on MacOS – Uses and configuration

The Presenter Overlay on MacOS Sonoma offers you a seamless way to captivate your audience and present your visual content with flair. In this guide, we take a look into how to effectively use the new Presenter Overlay feature on MacOS Sonoma.

Presenter Overlay on macOS
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Details of Presenter Overlay on MacOS Sonoma

The Presenter Overlay on MacOS Sonoma is a feature that allows the individual to be visible on Video calls while the person is making a presentation on screen. The feature displays the picture of the individual in a small floating picture on the screen. The Presenter Overlay on MacOS also works seamlessly with other 3rd party apps as well.

Using Presenter Overlay on MacOS Sonoma

Before getting into the details of the configuration and setup, it needs to be kept in mind that the Apple device must be running MacOS Sonoma or later along with a video calling app like Facetime or Zoom, that supports Presenter Overlay.

Using Presenter Overlay with Facetime

  1. Launch Spotlight
  2. Open the Facetime App.
  3. Start a new call or join an ongoing call on Facetime.
  4. Click on Share Screen.
  5. Choose the option to share either a specific window or the entire screen.
  6. Choose to use Presenter Overlay to be large or small.
Presenter Overlay on macOS steps
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Using Presenter Overlay with Zoom or any other 3rd party app

  1. Open Zoom App.
  2. Start a new call or join an ongoing call on Zoom.
  3. Click on Share Screen to share the MacOS screen.
  4. Click on Advanced and then Slides on Virtual Background in the Zoom App to activate and use the Presenter overlay feature.
  5. Click on Share to affect the changes.

Customizations available on Presenter Overlay

  1. Background: The background color or image can be selected at the user’s discretion for the Presenter Overlay.
  2. Position: The position of the overlay screen can be adjusted by the user to set it on a particular part of the screen as per choice.
  3. Size and position: The size of the overlay can be adjusted as well to place it on any location of the screen.
  4. Effects: There are a variety of effects that can be chosen to be added to the overlay’s background.

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