Candida Auris, the deadly fungal infection spreading in USA

Candida Auris

Candida Auris, the deadly fungal infection, spreading its influence rapidly in the USA as per US Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The WHO (World Health Organization) has flagged fungi as a priority for pathogenic purposes. Candida Auris – Decoded The muti-drug-resistant yeast was first discovered in Japan in 2009, and currently, it has … Read more

Cameron Diaz set to bid goodbye to silver screen for parenthood

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz is set to bid goodbye to the silver screen for parenthood after the next venture with Jamie Foxx production, “ Back In Action”. It is being widely believed that Foxx has coaxed her to pause her current retirement plans for the flick on Netflix and the fact that this would be her lone … Read more

Miami Beach Curfew imposed after two deadly shootings

Miami Beach Curfew

Miami Beach Curfew has been imposed and a state of emergency has been declared after two deadly shootings on Sunday. The news comes when, the Miami City Officials have confirmed that the curfew will be applicable at 11.59 pm on Sunday Night and will extend till 6 am on Monday, 20th March 2023 morning. Miami … Read more

Bruce Willis’ Ex-Wife Demi Lends Help From Stallone And Arnold

Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis’ Ex-Wife Demi Moore lends Help from Sylvester Stallone And Arnold Schwarzenegger for his illness. The infamous Hollywood actor was diagnosed with aphasia last year, after which he retired from his acting pursuits after decades of an illustrious career in Hollywood. His co-stars in the movie. “The Expendables” have publicly announced their support for … Read more

Saint Patrick’s Day being celebrated to honor the Irish Saint

Saint Patrick

Saint Patrick’s Day is celebrated to honor the Irish Saint all over the world as parades and events are scheduled in the US. The celebration in the United States happen on March 17th but was also observed in other parts of the world on different dates. Who is Saint Patrick? Saint Patrick was born in … Read more

Facebook former employee accuses of “Fake Work” in office


Facebook parent organization Meta has been accused by a former employee alleging that she was paid to do “Fake Work”. The whistleblower, Britany Levy, who was laid off during the initial phase of ramp down by the organization.  She stated that she was hired into a position where she was put into a group of … Read more

New Zealand Earthquake rocks the island nation measuring 7.1

New Zealand Earthquake

New Zealand Earthquake rocks the island nation today measured 7.1 on Richter scale with growing possibilities of Tsunami being predicted. The disastrous earthquake, very much similar to the one that happened in Turkey and Syria. Considering the fact that New Zealand is primarily a coastal country, chances of Tsunami are also ripe, especially since the … Read more

Ciara and Russell Wilson visit prison to sing with inmates

Russell Wilson

Ciara and Russell Wilson visit the prison to sing with inmates in Everglades Correctional Facility in Miami, Florida. The program was organized by God Behind Bars, where the couple also read out sermons to more than 300 incarcerated inmates apart from singing with them in the prison church. Who are Ciara and Russell? Russell Wilson … Read more

First Republic Bank tanks 62% as US Regional Banks lose worth

First Republic Bank

First Republic Bank tanks 62% as US Regional Banks lose worth in spite of assurances from US regional lenders assure investors. The lenders have been doing their best to reduce the volatility after the collapse of the Silicon Valley Bank, but even after such measures, the bank’s worth continues to fall massively. The bank has … Read more

Brendan Fraser win the Oscar Awards for Best Male Lead Actor

Brendan Fraser

Brendan Fraser of “ The Mummy” fame, bagged the Academy Award for the Best Male Actor in  Lead Role for his performance in the movie, “ The Whale”, directed by Darren Aronofsky. He was closely contested by the other nominations in the category that include Colin Farrell for “ The Banshees of Inisherin”, Paul Mescal … Read more