Facebook former employee accuses of “Fake Work” in office

Facebook parent organization Meta has been accused by a former employee alleging that she was paid to do “Fake Work”. The whistleblower, Britany Levy, who was laid off during the initial phase of ramp down by the organization. She stated that she was hired into a position where she was put into a group of individuals who were not working and that she had to fight to find work.

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Facebook former employee reveals all on social media

Britany, in a TikTok video, she said that Meta was “hoarding us like Pokémon cards” and that many employees felt they were being set up to be laid off. Levy’s comments come amid Meta’s second round of layoffs affecting 10,000 jobs. This comes months after Facebook laid off 13 percent of its workforce last year. After both rounds, Meta has effectively removed 21,000 employees from its workforce and has even removed 5,000 job openings.

Mark Zuckerberg’s take on the layoffs

The founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg had expressed his intentions and had emphasized on the organization’s vision of making the current year, 2023 as the “Year of Efficiency”. His ideas are in stark contrast with that of the allegations that have been put forward by the former employee.

Other former employees who were also laid off, did happen to tow the same lines saying, even though they were on the Facebook payroll, hardly any work was assigned to them, which left them pretty frustrated as they were losing out on their professional learnings and experience.

“A lot of people felt they were being set up to be people who were laid off. People who were incredibly well qualified and had turned down amazing opportunities said they felt Meta was intentionally stalling their career.”

Meta’s latest round of layoffs was announced by Mark Zuckerberg and he offered a timeline for the new round of layoffs. He claimed that the restructuring might even stretch till the end of this year.

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