Brendan Fraser win the Oscar Awards for Best Male Lead Actor

Brendan Fraser of “ The Mummy” fame, bagged the Academy Award for the Best Male Actor in Lead Role for his performance in the movie, “ The Whale”, directed by Darren Aronofsky. He was closely contested by the other nominations in the category that include Colin Farrell for “ The Banshees of Inisherin”, Paul Mescal for “ Aftersun”, Austin Butler for “ Elvis” and Bill Nighy for “ Living”.

Brendan Fraser
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Actor Brendan Fraser wins big at the Oscar 2023

Brendan Fraser was visibly emotional when his name came up as the winner for the coveted category “ Best Actor (Male) in a Lead Role”. He thanked the director for his contribution in his pursuit for the Oscars saying, “ for throwing me a creative lifeline”.

Incidentally, Mr. Brendan has also won the SAG (Screen Actors Guild Awards) and the Critics Choice Awards for the same movie. The movie marked a comeback of sorts for the actor who was lost in Oblivion for quite a while now and had his share of ups and downs in a career that spanned over 3 decades.

Though Fraser has worked steadily in television and smaller movies in recent years, he hadn’t headlined a major theatrical release since 2010’s “Extraordinary Measures” with Harrison Ford. Before that, of course, he had starring roles in the “Mummy” franchise, “Journey to the Center of the Earth,” best picture winner “Crash,” “Gods and Monsters,” “George of the Jungle” and many others.

Brendan Fraser gets a new lease of life with his performance in “The Whale”

Winning big at the Oscar 2023 has been a life-altering and much-welcomed change for the actor who has had his fair share of success and disappointments in his 30 year long career. It was not only in the Oscar that he got recognized for the role, but also received a six-minute-long standing ovation at the Venice International Film Festival in September last year.

Brendan Fraser has hit the purple patch as he not only got recognized for the above movie but also swept multiple awards in the American televised Films.


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