Sensitive Content Warning on iOS 17 and iPadOS 17

Sensitive Content Warning on iOS 17

Sensitive Content Warning is nowadays a regularly encountered feature while navigating pages or social media platforms. Inappropriate materials can be sent or received by mistake by the users if the sensitivity flag is not raised, causing embarrassment. Even for children, the same holds true. Apple has come to your rescue with iOS 17. Whether you’re … Read more

SharePlay shut off process on Apple TV in 3 effective steps

shareplay apple tv turn off

SharePlay happens to be an effective tool included in Apple-manufactured systems and devices that allow sharing of movies and music files on a real-time basis with family or friends. The application helps in real-time viewing or listening of the media files even with those who are far away geographically. SharePlay challenges on Apple TV The … Read more

Live Voicemail in iPhone usage and configuration

Live Voicemail in iPhone

Live Voicemail in iPhone is a part of the feature in the newly launched iOS 17, among others, Apple announced multiple new features such as StandBy, Live Stickers, NameDrop, and a new Journal app that will be part of iOS 17. Among the apps that can be categorized as quality-of-life improvement apps, Apple unveils the … Read more

Live Stickers creation in iOS 17 with comprehensive steps

Live Stickers in iOS 17

Live Stickers creation in iOS 17 happens to be another user interface improvement experience that has been included and imbibed in iOS 17 by Apple. Among many features that make the latest OS launched by Apple, this one seems to be one of the best. The feature of Live Stickers helps to touch and hold … Read more

Using NameDrop in iOS17 effectively as a contact tool

NameDrop in iOS 17

This Article for NameDrop in iOS 17 illustrates in detail the feature of the NameDrop feature in iOS 17. The feature is useful in sharing contacts with loved ones and family without any hassles. It is an important tool that can quickly and seamlessly exchange contacts with other Apple users in the fewest steps possible. … Read more

Personalized Contact Posters in iOS 17 configuration details

Personalized Contact Posters

Personalized Contact Posters in iOS 17 configuration details with comprehensive steps as suggested by experts. This new feature of iOS 17 in Apple devices has been appreciated by users worldwide. This feature enables the users to personalize contact photos and posters that can suit the personality traits of the associated individual. The feature happens to … Read more

Budget Action Cameras available in leading online stores

Budget Action Camera

Under the Budget Action Camera series, we take a look at the various sports action camera models and perform a comparative study of these cameras with respect to their utilities and configuration. These cameras happen to be Waterproof and have Wide Angle Camera lenses that provide HD and UHD video and still photographs. Please find … Read more

Buy Best Pocket Friendly GPS Trackers available online

Pocket-Friendly GPS Trackers

Pocket-Friendly GPS Trackers that are available online have varied price ranges depending on their features and connectivity. Although Wireless Trackers are a bit expensive, wired GPS Trackers are available for Rs. 2000, that can be used in Cars or can accompany children and elders. In this article, we compare 3 such product  models under the … Read more

How to fix WatchOS 10 update problems for Apple Watch

watchOS 10 update

The watchOS 10 designed for Apple Watch has brought with it quite a few attractive features including a Medication tracking app, new faces or avatars and sleep health monitoring, among others. However, users have come up with a few issues they encounter while installing watchOS 10, due to which they are not able to access … Read more