Pope Francis has been hospitalized for respiratory complication

Reportedly, Pope Francis in the Vatican has been is said to have been hospitalized after he attracted a respiratory infection and as a result experienced difficulties in breathing. The incident has been reported to have occurred on Wednesday and the Pope is expected to remain in under medical supervision for several days now, as per the spokesperson from the Vatican.

Pope Francis
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Pope Francis hospitalized

The 86-year-old Pope Francis has had medical complications previously as well when part of a lung was removed during his early days. This is supposedly the very first time in the last couple of years when the Pope has been hospitalized. The last time he developed medical complications was in 2021 when a 13-inch colon was removed from his body.

The incident created chaos among a large section

The current physical health of the Pope has eventually raised questions on his overall health especially when a busy week is coming up laden with Holy Events leading to the Palm Sunday. Vatican spokesperson Bruni said Francis had had trouble breathing in recent days and went to the Gemelli hospital Wednesday for tests. “The tests showed a respiratory infection (COVID-19 infection excluded) that will require some days of medical treatment in the hospital,” Bruni’s statement said.

Francis appeared in relatively good form during his regularly scheduled general audience earlier Wednesday, though he grimaced strongly while getting in and out. He nevertheless rode around the square as usual, kissing babies and greeting the faithful.

Pope Francis happens to be an Argentine Jesuit and even United States President Joe Biden expressed his concern and wished him a speedy recovery along with other billions of well-wishers all over the world.

Pope Francis was scheduled to celebrate Palm Sunday in the upcoming weekend and mark the beginning of the week-long events in the Vatican starting with Holy Thursday, Good Friday, the Easter Vigil and finally Easter Sunday on April 9. He has canceled all audiences through Friday, but it wasn’t clear whether he could keep the Holy Week plans.

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