US Helicopter Crash during army training mission in Kentucky

US Helicopter Crash for 2 Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk during a training mission in Kentucky but casualties not confirmed as yet. The incident that happened on early Thursday has been making the news headlines almost immediately after the incident happened, however, the details on the casualties haven’t been confirmed as yet by the authorities.

US Helicopter Crash
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US Helicopter Crash of two 2 Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk

Both the Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawks belonged to the 101st Airborne Division that happened to crash around 10 pm in the evening in Kentucky on Wednesday. The Governor of the state of Kentucky, Andy Beshear confirms, “We’ve got some tough news out of Fort Campbell, with early reports of a US helicopter crash and fatalities are expected please pray for all those affected,” on the social media micro-blogging platform, Twitter.

Even Army Spokesperson, Nondice Thurman, has not been able to shed any light on the details of the incident including the exact count of those who was onboard during the fateful training exercise. He also said, “Crew members were flying two Black Hawk US helicopters that crashed at about 10 pm (02:00 GMT Thursday) in Kentucky’s Trigg County.”

Statements from the State Police on US Helicopter Crash

Sarah Burgess, a Trooper with the Kentucky State Police has made their statement saying that they are being assisted by numerous agencies in the investigation but agreed to the fact that they also have no further information into the reason and the chain of incidents behind the US helicopter crash and the total casualties sustained by those onboard. Fortunately, the incident happened far away from any residential areas and hence there hasn’t been much of collateral damage as far as lives lost are concerned.

The discussed UH-60 Black Hawk choppers of the US Army help in various military pursuits including air fights and attacks and cater to medical emergencies as well.

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