Donald Trump indicted by Manhattan Jury ‘s Stormy Daniels case

Donald Trump was indicted by the Manhattan Jury in the Stormy Daniels case raising questions about his Presidential nomination. The case has been registered after Donald Trump was accused of paying $130,000 to one of his close aides during the 2016 Presidential campaign to hush up the sex controversy involving both, way back in 2006. With the indictment news, Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has been dealt a heavy blow as he was one of the major contenders for the next year’s Presidential elections.

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Donald Trump indictment – Who is Stormy Daniels?

Stormy Daniels, who also goes by Stephanie Clifford is an adult movie actress in Hollywood and is considered to be one of the stars of the pornography industry. Stephanie Clifford – her real name, though she prefers Stormy Daniels, her stage name – was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and raised by her mother following her parents’ divorce. She was neglected by her family and sexually abused at age nine by an older man, she wrote in a 2018 memoir. Despite everything, she was a good student and passionate about horses. Sources confirm that they had actually met during a charity Golf Tournament in Lake Tahoe which lies on the border of the states of California and Nevada.

Stormy Daniels accusations

The accusations have come up in her memoir which Stormy Daniels has penned, mentioning her first encounter with Donald Trump in 2006. She relates the fact that they had sex during their very first meet and that it was her worst experience ever. During that time, she was only 27 years old and Trump was 60. During that time, she had just made her debut appearance on screen in the Judd Apatow film, “The 40-year-old Virgin”.

According to Daniels, she was invited by Donald Trump to his suite for dinner and was received in pajamas by the former President. However, Trump has been denying the fact about having sex with her, that very day.


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