Apple Maps Pin dropping process in iPhone and iPad full step

Apple Maps

Apple Maps, just like Google Maps, is a user-friendly navigation tool that helps to locate areas or places while traveling to a particular destination. It even has the option of remembering the same locations or destinations once visited and can pull up the history for the same by saving the concerned location/s, making it easier … Read more

Predictive Emojis not appearing on iPhone Resolved

Predictive Emojis

Predictive Emojis or emojis are digital ways to convey emotions while communicating through messages or emails. For iPhones or Apple devices, whenever a user types, the keyboard suggests relevant emojis. In this article, we look into the issue where the keyboard doesn’t display the suggestions and the possible troubleshooting steps to resolve the problem on … Read more

Using NameDrop in iOS17 effectively as a contact tool

NameDrop in iOS 17

This Article for NameDrop in iOS 17 illustrates in detail the feature of the NameDrop feature in iOS 17. The feature is useful in sharing contacts with loved ones and family without any hassles. It is an important tool that can quickly and seamlessly exchange contacts with other Apple users in the fewest steps possible. … Read more

Emojis and their meanings in iPhone and iPad

meaning of Emojis

Emojis are a convenient and unique way of expressing emotions while communicating on a personal note. Apple offers a huge directory of Emojis with a collection of more than 3700 unique ones for the users of Apple devices like iPhones and iPads. However, at times it is difficult for users to comprehend the meaning of … Read more

Instagram Story hiding on iPhone or Apple devices

Instagram Story

Social media users, at times, might need to filter their list of friends to whom they would like to share their stories or posts. Since users generally have their friends and acquaintances included in their Instagram profiles, not always do they feel like sharing their posts with everyone. This article deals with sharing an Instagram … Read more