Apple Music Set Lists on iPhone, iPad and Mac devices

The Apple Music Set List feature in Apple devices helps in watching concerts of the favorite artists. The feature helps in tracking and accessing tour dates and sets lists of such artists. The application can also redirect the users or fans to the official ticket sellers as well. The below-mentioned steps can help the users in accessing the Set List feature on Apple devices:

Details on Apple Music Set Lists

The Apple Music Set List helps in accessing and listening to songs and book concert tickets of your favorite artists. Choosing the artists to access their songs and tour lists is available in the Apple Music Set List. The application can have other distinguished features like following tour calendars, Sharing albums with friends, buying concert tickets, and saving the Set List as the playlist.

Using Apple Music Set List on iPad and iPhone

  • Launch Apple Music App
  • Access Browse Menu
  • Click on the Search option
  • Enter the Setlist and Click Search again to search for the list.
  • Click on the Searched Tap List

Apple Music Set List

  • Click on Album Art to access the Set List of Artists.
  • Clicking on Browse Upcoming Shows will allow the user to view the forthcoming shows

Apple Music Set List

  • Clicking on the location and date and then selecting Hit Tickets

Apple Music Set List

  • The on-screen options would allow selecting the payment methods of choice to book the tickets.

Using Apple Music Set List on iPad and Mac

  • Open the Apple Music App on Mac.
  • Enter Set List in the Search Bar
  • Click on the Set List for the available options.
  • Click Album Art to access the artist’s Playlist
  • Navigating through the Playlist can help access the collection
  • Clicking on Browse Upcoming Shows for the future shows of the artist.
  • Select the Date and Venue and follow the on-screen instructions to book the tickets.
  • Follow the instructions for the Payment to successfully book the tickets.

The Set List cannot be customized as per the user’s wish since these are curated and designed to showcase live performances. As of now, Apple Music does not offer a built-in alert for upcoming tour announcements.


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