Apple Maps Pin dropping process in iPhone and iPad full step

Apple Maps, just like Google Maps, is a user-friendly navigation tool that helps to locate areas or places while traveling to a particular destination. It even has the option of remembering the same locations or destinations once visited and can pull up the history for the same by saving the concerned location/s, making it easier for the users with the navigation. In this article, we take a look into the process of dropping, sharing, and saving locations in Apple Maps as illustrated by experts.

Apple Maps location pin dropping in iPhone or iPad

  1. Launch the Apple Maps app on the phone.
  2. Hover around the region for which the pin needs to be dropped
  3. Press and hold the concerned area for the pin option to appear on the screen.
  4. Select the Move option to drop the Pin accurately using satellite view.
  5. Click Done to confirm.
  6. If the address of the location is available, the same can be entered to mark the location as well.

Apple Maps location pin dropping

Sharing Location pins from iPhone and iPad

  1. Launch the Maps Application.
  2. Press and hold the concerned area
  3. Click on Share and select the platform of choice to share the same.

Sharing Location pins in Apple Maps

Saving Pins as favorites for Apple Maps on concerned devices

  1. Launch the Maps Application.
  2. Press and hold the concerned area
  3. Swipe the Dropped Pin men upwards.
  4. Scroll down to select Add to Favorites

Viewing all favorite locations pins in Apple Maps

  1. Open the Maps application.
  2. Swipe upward on the Search Bar.
  3. Click on More beside Favorites.
  4. Select the relevant marked location.

Removing a marked pin

  1. Open the Maps application and from the search bar click on More
  2. Click Edit
  3. Drag the Hamburger icon to the particular pin that needs to be removed and click –
  4. Click Done to confirm.

Removing a marked pin in Apple Maps

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