WatchOS 10 new feature and compatible devices in Apple Watch

watchOS 10, the Operating System for Apple Watch aims to overwhelm users with its new features like Smart Stack, which can organize the widgets and apps like Fitness, Phone as well as Maps. Listed below is a short description of the new features:

watchOS 10 new interface

Ease of navigation had been the USP as far as Apple Watch and other Apple products are concerned. The honeycomb grid has been replaced by a traditional one with a grid pattern to arrange the icons in rows and columns. The Control Center can also be accessed instantly by simply tapping the side button.

Smart Stack in watchOS 10

Smart Stacks in watchOS 10 happens to be a collection of widgets that can get updated automatically based on date and time. This attribute enhances the way users interact with their watch faces.

Smart Stacks in watchOS 10

New Watch Faces of watchOS 10

Apple also introduced two new watch faces for all Apple Watch enthusiasts and users. There’s a new Palette watch face that exhibits a captivating array of colors that dynamically change throughout the day, presenting different time zones within three intricately layered sections.

Cycling – A workout feature

Cycling, a workout feature comes in a new shape and form in the current OS version that allows users the convenience of connecting with Bluetooth-enabled devices seamlessly. This update enables the Workout app on your watch to calculate personalized Power Zones by estimating your Functional Threshold Power (FTP).

watchOS 10 new features

Hiking Application in watchOS 10

The Compass app is yet another app on your Apple Watch to receive significant updates. The app now enables you to see a three-dimensional representation of your travels with the latest Elevation Views feature.

Hiking Application in watchOS 10

Mental Health Monitoring

Apple has always placed a strong emphasis on health features, but mental health was at the center light this time. The Mindfulness app in the watchOS 10 now allows you to discreetly and conveniently record your momentary emotions and daily moods, encouraging emotional awareness and resilience.

Vision Health application

This application incorporated in Apple Watches allows tracking of daylight exposure using the light ambient sector. Furthermore, you can conveniently access this data through the Health app on your iPhone or iPad.

Medication Follow-Up

Even though it may not be among the significant updates we have discussed thus far, it is unquestionably one of the most important ones. As a result of the recent update, the Medications app can now send you useful reminders if your medication isn’t taken within 30 minutes of the scheduled logging time.


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