Predictive Emojis not appearing on iPhone Resolved

Predictive Emojis or emojis are digital ways to convey emotions while communicating through messages or emails. For iPhones or Apple devices, whenever a user types, the keyboard suggests relevant emojis. In this article, we look into the issue where the keyboard doesn’t display the suggestions and the possible troubleshooting steps to resolve the problem on iPhone or iPad.

Ensuring usage of Apple Keyboard

The predictive emojis feature can only be available if Apple Keyboards are used. Any other 3rd party keyboard will not be able to support the same. Hence, in order to switch to Apple Keyboards,

  • Open any application where a keyboard needs to be used, like Messages
  • Select and hold the Globe icon.
  • Select English as the language

Toggling Predictions

Switching on or off as far as Predictions are concerned, can help restart the predictive emoji feature. There are times when restarting the feature can resolve the issue as well. The following steps can be followed to carry the same:

  • Select Settings and then General and then onto Keyboards
  • Toggle the Predictive feature Off
  • After a while, the Predictive feature can be turned ON once again.
Toggling Predictions
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Feeding emojis on iPhones

  • Open the App where the predictive emoji is not working.
  • Type the relevant text and tap the emoji icon on the keyboard.
  • Enter a few emojis randomly and then delete the same.
  • Close the concerned App forcibly and then reopen it again.
  • Type once again and the emojis might reappear.

Resetting Keyboard Dictionary

Resetting the keyboard dictionary can help fix any corrupt data or miscellaneous glitches that may be causing issues with predictive emoji. Please follow the steps mentioned below to reset the dictionary:

  • Select Settings -> General-> Transfer or reset iPhone -> Reset.
  • Select Keyboard Dictionary and enter the passcode.
  • Select Reset Dictionary
Predictive Emojis
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Remove and reinstall Emoji Keyboard

If all the above troubleshooting steps fail to resolve the issue, then reading the Emoji Keyboard after removing the same may resolve the issue using the below-mentioned steps:

  • Open the Settings Option
Remove and reinstall Emoji Keyboard
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  • Then onto General->Keyboard-> Keyboards
  • Click Edit and then select the minus sign
  • Select Delete and then Done
  • Select Add New Keyboard and then on Emoji
Remove and reinstall Emoji Keyboard
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Generic resolutions

If all the above steps fail to resolve the issue, then restarting the phone can resolve the issue if there are any temporary problems coming up. Also, updating the Operating System for the phone can also resolve the problem at times.


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