Ajit Pawar of NCP intends to step down as Opposition Leader

Controversies and infighting continue within the NCP (Nationalist Congress Party) in Maharashtra as Ajit Pawar, the nephew of the party founder Sharad Pawar made his intentions public saying he would like to discontinue as the Leader of the Opposition in the state. Following the controversial resignation of Sharad Pawar and his eventual undoing of the same and the appointment of his daughter Supriya Sule as the party’s National President, Ajit Pawar offers his resignation as the Leader of the Opposition.

Ajit Pawar
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Ajit Pawar – All is not well with him and the party

The recent controversies within the party related to the infighting don’t really seem to end as Ajit Pawar now intends to give up his position as the Leader of the Opposition. Very recently, the top post of the party eluded him as his uncle and party supremo, Sharad Pawar decided to make his daughter Supriya Sule as the Party’s National President.

Ajit Pawar spoke about his intent to discontinue in his current capacity in the assembly during a media interaction on the occasion of the party’s foundation day. “I should be given a party post. I will do justice to any post in the party,” he said.

Infighting within the party

It is widely believed that the State President of the party, Jayant Patil and Ajit Pawar have been at loggerheads for long. “The NCP is divided into two groups – one headed by Jayant Patil and blessed by the top leadership of the party while another group is headed by Ajit Pawar. Jayant Patil has been NCP state president for the last five years. As per party norms, every three years, a new president is appointed, but Patil continues to stay in the post. Ajit Pawar is either eyeing the post or wants to appoint his close aide. However, NCP chief Sharad Pawar is yet to take a decision on it,” said a source requesting anonymity.

Words are also doing the rounds that even Sharad Pawar Is also not happy with his nephew’s performance as Leader of the Opposition. Sources confirm that if Jayant Patil becomes the Leader of the Opposition, Ajit may take up his role as President where he can play a major role in the distribution of election tickets.

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