SharePlay shut off process on Apple TV in 3 effective steps

SharePlay happens to be an effective tool included in Apple-manufactured systems and devices that allow sharing of movies and music files on a real-time basis with family or friends. The application helps in real-time viewing or listening of the media files even with those who are far away geographically.

SharePlay challenges on Apple TV

The SharePlay on Apple TV somehow fails to reinitiate the application on the device if a sudden phone call interrupts Facetime on the same device. Once the call ends, the system would prompt the user to restart the Share Play application. Hence, in this article, we discuss the most effective steps to turn off the SharePlay thereby avoiding any disruptions to the streaming experience.

Ending a SharePlay Session on Apple TV

To end the current session, the following steps can be executed:

  • Open the Control Center by pressing the TV button on the remote
  • Select SharePlay and then Stop Share Play.

Disabling Share Play on Apple TV

  • Open Settings option
  • Select User Accounts and then the Username
  • Select Share with You and turn the same OFF.

Disabling the application on iPhone

If the issue still persists after following the above-mentioned steps, then disabling the application can be a probable solution. Please follow the steps mentioned below to disable the application:

  • Select the Settings option on the iPhone
  • Select Facetime and then Shareplay
  • Toggle the same option
SharePlay on iphone
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Disabling the Auto Start for the App

  • Restarting the TV: Restarting the TV after turning off the app to apply the settings correctly.
  • Updating the tvOS: The OS needs to be kept updated to avoid bugs and glitches and enable a smooth experience.
  • Resetting the TV: If all the above options fail to resolve the issue, then resetting the Apple TV can be a possible solution.

Turning off SharePlay on your Apple TV is a straightforward process that grants you control over your streaming experience. Following the steps mentioned above, you can disable Share Play effortlessly and enjoy your freedom to choose when and how you share content with others.


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