Today cloud computing is growing with every passing day and with that, more number of organisations are migrating their on-premises data and their applications to the cloud. But why? It is because cloud can provide security and it is more cost-effective. During the previous times, the entire process of migrating to cloud was very tedious and daunting. There were many complications and that is the reason why not everyone was willing to go ahead with it for Microsoft Azure training.

But there is no such issue anymore! Microsoft introduced their Azure migrate which makes the migration process much more effortless.

Today cloud has become a business priority and every organisation wants to go ahead with it to provide better customer experience.

Microsoft Azure training

How can Microsoft Azure migrate can help you go ahead with your migration plan?

When you use Azure migrate, you get a comprehensive unified migration platform to migrate all your servers, application and data to the cloud. Using Azure Migrate, you can monitor all your efforts from beginning to end on a single platform. Dashboards are available where you can visualise your progress and even centralise your data for specific migration projects.

The Azure portal in Microsoft Azure migrate provides a scenario based guided experience through some very easy steps which are broadly categorised in three categories- Discover, Assess and migrate.

To start the migration process, the first step is to know exactly what you have in your environment and whether it will be beneficial for you to migrate to Azure or not. Once you properly have discovered your environment, the next step is assessment where you can use certain tools. It will help you to create your plan in alignment with your business outcomes. And of course the last step is to migrate. After the migration process is complete, it is always a better idea to review the data so that you can verify whether all the necessary workloads have made it to Azure or not.

Why should you get started with Azure training right now?

Microsoft Azure has become a very reliable Cloud Computing platform today and it is growing exponentially because of all the features that it provides to the customers. This is the reason why every organisation uses it and it has been a leader in the cloud for the fourth consecutive year now. When it comes to cloud vendors, they are seven principal ones and among them, Microsoft is at the top.

There are different Microsoft Azure certification courses to choose from like-

  • Azure solution architect.
  • Azure developer associate.
  • Azure administrator associate, and many more.

But why should you go for Microsoft Azure certification? Here is why.

Since it is really trending right now, Microsoft Azure certification can play a huge role in making your career grow. Being certified in Microsoft Azure may be the key for you to get recruited in one of the fortune 500 companies.

Microsoft certification training can help you qualify for different job profiles in this field and hence is very flexible.

The salary packages for each of these job roles is quite decent and the certification will help you demonstrate that you gained expertise in this field.

Azure training may help you experience a structured learning approach and you will be able to cover all the necessary topics by enrolling yourself for the microsoft azure training program.

Want to get started today itself?

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We even provide different learning moves to the students like classroom training, self paced training, online training, Azure corporate training, and more which the candidates can choose according to their preference. We provide training across multiple cities in India and we have different streams for you when it comes to Azure training.

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