Ethereum and Bitcoin, a comparative and comprehensive study

Ethereum and Bitcoin

In today’s session on Ethereum and Bitcoin, we take a comparative look at the functioning and a comparative study of both cryptocurrencies while taking into consideration their similarities and differences. Ethereum and Bitcoin - Similarities Ethereum Has an Inbuilt Cryptocurrency. Ethereum’s token is called Ether, shortened to ETH. This is a cryptocurrency that can be traded … Read more

Ethereum basics with its feature, applications and uses


Ethereum is considered to be the very next after Bitcoin in the Cryptocurrency eco-space implementing trustless validation along with distributed storage of transactional data, which happens to be the very prerequisite for Cryptocurrency and its transactions. It happens to have a distributed network of almost 15,000 computers and the token name goes by Ether. The … Read more

Crypto Exchanges and their economic roles in transaction

Crypto Exchanges

Before starting of with Crypto Exchanges, just to recap, in the last session, we discussed the different ways of Bitcoin transactions in detail. Today, we take a close look at the role of the exchanges through which Crypto transactions are performed. How Do Crypto Exchanges Make Money? Crypto Exchanges make money by charging fees, just … Read more

Working of Bitcoin Exchange in Deposits and Trade

Working of Bitcoin Exchange

Before starting today with Working of Bitcoin Exchange, with respect to deposits and trade transactions, the last session was dedicated to a detailed overview of Bitcoin transactions. Today, under the Working of Bitcoin Exchange, we take a look at deposits and trades using Bitcoin. Working of Bitcoin Exchange - Deposit Before you can attempt to … Read more

Buying and Selling Bitcoins in Cryptocurrency transactions

Buying and Selling Bitcoins

For Buying and Selling Bitcoins, you can buy bitcoins from anyone who has them. Likewise, you can sell bitcoins to anyone who wants them. Fortunately, there are various places where you are likely to find a group of people willing to trade at competitive prices—exchanges. Buying and Selling Bitcoins - Exchanges Just like stock exchanges, … Read more

Hardware Wallets and its applications in the cryptocurrency

Hardware Wallets

Before starting off with Hardware Wallets, we just remind ourselves of the fact that we worked on the details of software wallets in the last session. Wallets Sometimes Bitcoin wallets can have a hardware component. Private keys are stored in chips on small handheld devices. Two popular hardware wallets are called ‘Trezor’ and ‘Ledger Nano,’ … Read more

Payments in Cryptocurrency transactions and its features

Payments in Cryptocurrency

Before starting with Payments in Cryptocurrency, we take a look at the topics discussed in the last session where we had cleared the air on software wallets. Today, under Payments in Cryptocurrency, we take a look into the payment processes and other wallet transactions. Topics to be discussed today in Payments in Cryptocurrency include: Bitcoin … Read more

Features of Crypto Wallet in respect to the background process

Features of Crypto Wallet

Before starting of with the Features of Crypto Wallet, just to refresh our memory, we discussed about the features of Bitcoin in the last session, and now in this session, we delve deeper into the working of Bitcoins with respect to Address Creation, Address Display and Account creation as a part of Features of Crypto … Read more

Storing Bitcoins in Wallets and the basic functionalities

Storing Bitcoins

Before starting with Storing Bitcoins, we take a peek into the last session of our tutorial where we had discussed in detail the advent of digital transactions and the steps through which the cryptocurrency came into being, the way it has shaped up today. Background to Storing Bitcoins To start with, if an individual who … Read more

History of Bitcoin and its evolution over the years

History of Bitcoin

After discussing about the digital transactions of the yesteryears, the current session deals with the History of Bitcoin wherein we take a close look into the different types of the currency and its associated transactions. The History of Bitcoin does happen to be an eventful one even though as far as security is concerned, there … Read more