Notable Private Blockchains and its various functions

Notable Private Blockchains

Notable Private Blockchains examples can be drawn from some private or permission blockchains that are certainly gaining mindshare and traction. Current examples are: Notable Private Blockchains – Axoni AxCore Under Notable Private Blockchains, Axoni is a capital market technology firm founded in 2013 that specializes in distributed ledger technology and blockchain infrastructure. Among other projects, … Read more

Crypto Markets and the actionable market applications

Crypto Markets

To date, public blockchains in Crypto Markets have been used with some success in the following areas: Speculation Darknet markets Cross border payments Crypto Markets Speculation In Crypto Markets the main use for Cryptocurrencies is undoubtedly speculation. Their prices are volatile and people make and lose a lot of money trading these coins. The fact … Read more

Ethereum Ecosystem and its amazing space sharers in the industry

Ethereum Ecosystem

In the Ethereum Ecosystem, the Ethereum Foundation is a non-profit organization registered as ‘Stiftung Ethereum’ in Switzerland whose mission is to: Promote and support the Ethereum platform and base layer research, development and education to bring decentralized protocols and tools to the world that empower developers to produce next-generation decentralized applications (dapps), and together build … Read more

Smart Contracts and its role in Ethereum transactions

smart contracts

Smart contracts mean different things depending on the blockchain platform. Ethereum smart contracts are short computer programs that are stored on Ethereum’s blockchain, replicated across all the nodes, and are available for anyone to inspect. There are two steps that are performed separately: Uploading the smart contracts to Ethereum’s blockchain Making the smart contract run … Read more

Hardware Wallets and its applications in the cryptocurrency

Hardware Wallets

Before starting off with Hardware Wallets, we just remind ourselves of the fact that we worked on the details of software wallets in the last session. Wallets Sometimes Bitcoin wallets can have a hardware component. Private keys are stored in chips on small handheld devices. Two popular hardware wallets are called ‘Trezor’ and ‘Ledger Nano,’ … Read more

Features of Crypto Wallet in respect to the background process

Features of Crypto Wallet

Before starting of with the Features of Crypto Wallet, just to refresh our memory, we discussed about the features of Bitcoin in the last session, and now in this session, we delve deeper into the working of Bitcoins with respect to Address Creation, Address Display and Account creation as a part of Features of Crypto … Read more

Ledger Management and Transactions in Cryptocurrency

Ledger Management and Transactions

Before starting with Ledger Management and Transactions, let us refresh our memory on the topics that was discussed in the previous session. We came across the challenges of the digital transactions that come up while transactions of cryptocurrency are carried out. The authentication and the security issues related to the Account permissions and transaction record … Read more

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