Non Fungible Tokens in Crypto exchanges and transactions

Non Fungible Tokens

NFTs or Non Fungible Tokens are cryptographic assets on a digital ledger called the blockchain. NFTs contain unique identification codes and metadata that distinguish them from each other. However, like Cryptocurrencies, you cannot trade or exchange them equivalently. This makes them different from fungible tokens like Cryptocurrencies, which are identical to each other. Hence, Bitcoins … Read more

Future of Bitcoins and its aggressive growth factors

Future of Bitcoins

To talk about the Future of Bitcoins, we need to understand that Bitcoin is a new emerging technology that is underway, unforeseen developments can make its existence and continuation difficult. Concerning its security and future, there are numerous questions that no one can answer. As of now, Bitcoins are mostly unregulated, however, this may change. … Read more

Scams in Crypto and the digital currency industry facets

Scams in Crypto

While talking about Scams in Crypto we take a look into the various scams that have been in effect starting from the earliest Ponzi schemes to the latest cryptocurrency scams. We take into account the Scams in Crypto due to the nature of the cryptocurrency industry, many scams operate. Hype, technical complexity, regulatory uncertainty, and … Read more

Notable Private Blockchains and its various functions

Notable Private Blockchains

Notable Private Blockchains examples can be drawn from some private or permission blockchains that are certainly gaining mindshare and traction. Current examples are: Notable Private Blockchains – Axoni AxCore Under Notable Private Blockchains, Axoni is a capital market technology firm founded in 2013 that specializes in distributed ledger technology and blockchain infrastructure. Among other projects, … Read more

Risk Management in Cryptocurrency and its Mitigation

Risk Management in Cryptocurrency

Risk Management in Cryptocurrency deals with the various forms of risks associated with Cryptocurrency transactions and the volatility of the digital currency markets. Considering the fact that cryptocurrency markets are the most volatile ones than any other related financial markets and hence Risk Management in Cryptocurrency markets and its mitigation measures become all the more … Read more

Crypto Markets and the actionable market applications

Crypto Markets

To date, public blockchains in Crypto Markets have been used with some success in the following areas: Speculation Darknet markets Cross border payments Crypto Markets Speculation In Crypto Markets the main use for Cryptocurrencies is undoubtedly speculation. Their prices are volatile and people make and lose a lot of money trading these coins. The fact … Read more

Digital Token and effective ways of its implementation

Digital Tokens

Digital Tokens as a terminology are evolving quickly. While Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies are all referred to as ‘digital tokens’ in a generic sense (as in ‘a Bitcoin is a digital token’), a distinction now seems to be emerging between cryptocurrencies, such as BTC and ETH whose coins are tracked on their respective blockchains, and … Read more

Initial Coin Offerings and their basic governing principles

Initial Coin Offerings

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), sometimes called ‘token sales’ or ‘token generation events,’ are a new way for companies to raise money without diluting ownership of the company or having to pay investors back. Initial Coin Offerings are a combination of existing forms of fundraising with a few twists, and the phrase ‘ICO’ seems to have … Read more

Payment Transactions in banks across a distributed network

Payment Transactions

In this session of Payment Transactions, we deal with the entire process and details of how does digital money move from one bank account to another? When Alice wants to pay $10 to Bob, does Alice’s bank simply subtract $10 from her account and tell Bob’s bank to add that $10 to Bob’s account? And … Read more