Ethereum Evolution and its gradual success in the last decade

Ethereum Evolution

Ethereum Evolution is a highly successful public blockchain by adoption, mindshare, and the number of developers working on Ethereum smart contracts and decentralized apps. Below is a short history of Ethereum, and some difficult periods in its history that it has managed to overcome. Ethereum Evolution – 2013 Vitalik Buterin described Ethereum as a concept … Read more

Smart Contracts and its role in Ethereum transactions

smart contracts

Smart contracts mean different things depending on the blockchain platform. Ethereum smart contracts are short computer programs that are stored on Ethereum’s blockchain, replicated across all the nodes, and are available for anyone to inspect. There are two steps that are performed separately: Uploading the smart contracts to Ethereum’s blockchain Making the smart contract run … Read more

Ethereum basics with its feature, applications and uses


Ethereum is considered to be the very next after Bitcoin in the Cryptocurrency eco-space implementing trustless validation along with distributed storage of transactional data, which happens to be the very prerequisite for Cryptocurrency and its transactions. It happens to have a distributed network of almost 15,000 computers and the token name goes by Ether. The … Read more

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