Bengal Government Recruitment of 1.2 Lakhs in various posts

Bengal Government Recruitment announcement in the midst of the largest recruitment scam in Bengal in the post-independence era has been announced by Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. The recruitment is said to happen in various State government positions that would include School Teachers as well as college and University teachers apart from State Police, Nurses, and community health officers. The magnitude of the recruitment process with respect to the total number of job vacancies happens to be the highest since the current CM took over the Government in 2011.

Bengal Government Recruitment
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Bengal Government Recruitment – The breakup

The break-up of the 1,20,000 positions would include 25,500 in Government aided schools in both rural and urban areas and 2200 as University teachers as well. The health sector is also looking to employ 2000 doctors, 7000 nurses, and 2000 community health workers apart from 7000 Asha workers as well. The State Police is also looking to increase their strength by around 20000 personnel as well.

Significance and Backdrop of the Bengal Government Recruitment

The Bengal Government Recruitment announcement happens in the wake of one of the biggest recruitment scams in independent India and undoubtedly the biggest ever in the State post-independence. The multi-layered recruitment scam is currently being investigated by Central law enforcement agencies like CBI and ED for the financial irregularities that are assumed to be in thousands of crores.

With the Panchayat elections scheduled to happen very soon, probably within months and the Parliamentary Elections that is scheduled in 2024, the government is determined to make some amends as too many of its Ministers and Partymen have already been arrested and few are facing investigations for their alleged involvement in the crime.

The CM responds to the recruitment announcement

While making the Bengal Government Recruitment announcements, CM Mamata Banerjee urged opposition parties not to engage in politics over recruitment drives. “If the opposition cannot give our people jobs, the least they can do is not create hurdles in their appointment. People value their government jobs,” Banerjee said.

The latest recruitment drive comes in the wake of the Panchayat Elections which the Opposition parties are saying that the Government is looking to discard the Central Forces in the Elections and looking to employ State Police so that they can carry on with the booth jamming and false voting, which according to them is the only way the present government can retain power in West Bengal.


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