Job Scam in Bengal spells doom for Government job aspirants

Job Scam in Bengal spells doom for the Government job aspirants as the State Government is still in denial. Current rulers of the State of West Bengal have been inconsistent in their stand to fight this unprecedented corruption as the entire education department is currently behind the bars for allotting school teacher jobs to those who can bribe them in lakhs.

Initial investigations reveal that in West Bengal, all Government jobs have been sold to the highest bidders or to those who can pay lakhs in bribes to the state government officials or their agents. The investigating agencies on the scam that include the Enforcement Directorate and the CBI have unearthed secrets that can blow away the mind of

Job Scam in Bengal
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ordinary people as the collections made by the ministers cross Rs. 1000 crores collectively till now.


Job Scam in Bengal – The gradual unfolding

Investigations into the Job Scam in Bengal had initially revealed the involvement of the current State Education Minister and the senior officials of the education department have been accumulating money to the tune of several hundreds of Crores individually for dishing out school teacher jobs. Even party workers too, have been allotted school teacher jobs, irrespective of the fact whether they are qualified for it or not.

During multiple raids conducted by the CBI and the ED on the Job Scam in Bengal, crores of rupees have been unearthed from the homes of the close-confidants of the ministers who have not been able to justify the money recovered. One such example can be cited about the daughter of an influential leader from one of the Districts in West Bengal, who has been regularly receiving the salary as a school teacher from the government without attending the school for a single day.

The practice of the Job Scam in Bengal has been going on for years together after the officials forged the examination papers of the candidates to suit their needs on the basis of the bribe they received to ensure that they get into the Government payroll. On the other hand, the victims of Job Scam in Bengal, who are rightly deserving candidates for the job have been protesting on the streets for months together for justice.

The Honourable High Court of Kolkata has already dismissed the jobs for almost 5000 candidates who secured it by illegal means, but the State Government seems to be concerned only about the candidates who secured it by illegal means. They have turned a deaf ear to the deserving candidates, for reasons best known to all of us.

Job Scam in Bengal – The Government’s take

It is believed that the corruption extends not only to the school teachers but also the Municipalities across the state where jobs are only offered to those who are able to pay Rs.10-15 lakhs at least as bribes. Sources confirm that the agents have a “Rate Card” for the jobs based on the designation and the positions.

The State Government, however, have been in denial initially on the scams undertaken, and as the scam gets eventually uncovered, they have been distancing themselves from the accused. The best excuse that the Government has come up with is “Conspiracy of the Opposition” for all the irregularities that have been uncovered yet.

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