Operation Blue Star Anniversary recounts Gurudwara horror

The Operation Blue Star Anniversary recounts the horrific gun battle inside the Golden Temple in Amritsar between the Indian Army and the Khalistan terrorists almost 40 years ago. The effects of operation carried out by the Indian Army had serious aftereffects when the then PM Indira Gandhi was shot by her Sikh bodyguards. A terrible riot also ensued where people affiliated with a particular political party went on a rampage of killing Sikh citizens in the country. On the 40th anniversary of the Operation, the incident is yet to shrug off its share of controversy as Lt. Gen. S K Sinha revealed that his plans for the operation were disregarded by other officials, in an interview.

Operation Blue Star Anniversary
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Operation Blue Star Anniversary – The Operation

The Operation Blue Star Anniversary was initiated at the behest of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, when the Khalistani terrorists were wreaking havoc in pursuit of their demand for separation from the Union of India had led to widespread violence in the State of Punjab and adjoining areas. The leader of the faction Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale had captured the Akal Takht in the Golden Temple in Amritsar, which happens to be the most sacred place of the Sikh community along with his followers. The terrorists had a sufficient amount of arms and ammunition with them to wage a full-fledged battle with the Indian Army in their pursuit.

Lt Gen Sinha made these plans in 1982. He had left Western Command in December 1982 to take over as Vice Chief of Army Staff and it was widely anticipated that he will be the next Army Chief in the middle of 1983. However, he resigned from service in June 1983 after being superseded for promotion to the rank of General and the appointment of Chief of Army Staff.

Operation Blue Star Anniversary – Lt. Gen S K Sinha

On Operation Blue Star Anniversary, we recollect the words of Lt. Gen S K Sinha was positioned as the GOC-In- C Western Command had anticipated such a day well in advance. He also made the blueprint of how the operation should be effectively carried out as per the Standard Operating Procedure. “I told him that the Army doesn’t give its fighting equipment to anyone on loan and therefore I could not provide the carriers requested by him. When required we would render assistance to the civil authorities using our fighting equipment as necessary,” wrote Lt Gen Sinha.

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