How to fix WatchOS 10 update problems for Apple Watch

The watchOS 10 designed for Apple Watch has brought with it quite a few attractive features including a Medication tracking app, new faces or avatars and sleep health monitoring, among others. However, users have come up with a few issues they encounter while installing watchOS 10, due to which they are not able to access or use the features available. In this article, we delve into the possible errors encountered while installing the operating system and corrective measures for the same. Please find below the steps that need to be performed for if problems are encountered with the download and installation of the OS.

Compatibility Checks for WatchOS 10

One of the very basic prerequisites for installing or updating watchOS 10 is the compatibility of the device with the Operating System. It is important to check if the device supports an Operating System like Apple Watch Series 4, Series 5, Series 6, Series 7, and SE, which support the discussed OS.

Performing the basic installation or troubleshooting steps

         The basic steps would include :

  1. Updating the device
  2. Ensuring battery charge is at least 50%.
  3. Connect the iPhone and the watch to a stable connection through Wi-Fi and disable the VPN, if applicable.
  4. Enabling the Bluetooth.


Try to restart the phone and the watch to initiate the updating process again

         Restarting the phone and the watch and then continuing with the update process can be one of the most effective steps that can be adopted if any problem is encountered during the installation or updation. The steps to restart are detailed below:

  1. To restart the watch, press the Side button and drag the Power Off slider to the right to switch off the watch and press the same button after a minute to start it back up.
  2. The phone too needs to be restarted and then should be paired with the watch to resume the installation or updation.
  3. The wearables can then be attempted for an update from the Settings App of the Apple Watch or through the Watch app on the phone.


Freeing up space on the watch

Since updating involves the transfer of quite a few files to the device, hence free space on the storage device can be counted as a prerequisite. In case there is not enough free space on the watch, the same can freed up and then the installation can be attempted. Please note, once the device space is freed up, the installation should ideally be attempted after restarting the device.


Deleting the update file before proceeding with the installation

The process of deleting the updated file is summarized below:

  1. Open Watch App on the iPhone after it’s paired and select the My Watch Tab.
  2. Select General and then Storage and then Software Update to delete the downloaded file.

watchOS 10 update

  1. Restart the device and then again go to the Software update option and choose to download and install watchOS 10.

watchOS 10 update

Unpairing the Apple Watch

If all of the above options fail to correct the problem, then, Unpairing the watch from the iPhone and completing the entire setup process can be carried out. Once completed, the watch and the phone can be paired once again and then the update process can be resumed.

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