Emojis and their meanings in iPhone and iPad

Emojis are a convenient and unique way of expressing emotions while communicating on a personal note. Apple offers a huge directory of Emojis with a collection of more than 3700 unique ones for the users of Apple devices like iPhones and iPads. However, at times it is difficult for users to comprehend the meaning of all these Emojis, resulting in the insertion of wrong emoticons times. This article is dedicated to finding the meaning of all these emoticons along with the icons as well as illustrated below:

Finding the Meaning of Emojis in Apple Devices

To find the meaning, the very first step would require enabling the Speak Selection option followed by a supporting application.

  • How to turn on the Speak Selection option on iPhone
  • Open the Settings App and click Accessibility
  • Select Spoken Content
  • Toggle to turn on Speak Selection option.

Finding the Meaning of Emojis

Finding and understanding the meaning of Emojis

  • Open Notes App.
  • Open a New Note in the Notes App
  • Tap the emoji icon on the keyboard
  • Insert the one of choice
  • Press and hold it till a pop-up menu comes up
  • Keep swiping on the left side till the Speak option comes up
  • Tapping on the Speak option will help the system speak out the meaning of the selected one.
Finding the Meaning of Emojis
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Emoticons help in unlocking a new way to interact and communicate with others. With no words in the play, they give an interesting look to your message. Through this article, one doesn’t have to worry about messing up with the emoticons on iPhone or iPad. Also, you got a list of the best emoji meanings on Apple devices and a comprehensive list of emoticons that the devices have in their ecosystem. Once the meaning of these emoticons is mastered, the same can be used in various applications, irrespective of the platforms. The emoticons can also be added to text and videos to make them more appealing and expressive.

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