Minor Abduction in Uttarakhand raises communal tension

Minor Abduction in Uttarakhand raises communal tension in the state as one of the accused hails from a minority community. Sources also say that the incident is being used as an excuse to remove the Muslim shops of business in the State. The abduction of a minor girl has raised communal tension in the Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand and the local police are on their toes to maintain law and order in the State.

Minor Abduction in Uttarakhand
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Minor Abduction in Uttarakhand – The incident

As per the latest news and media sources, the communal tension ensued after the abduction of a minor girl and a boy, one Hindu and the other a Muslim on May 26th. An FIR was also launched against them under the POSCO or Protection of Child from Sexual Offenses Act, 2012 after the girl’s family complained. It is said that the complainant and his family members have been locked up in police custody on the very same day they lodged the complaint.

Minor Abduction in Uttarakhand – The Aftereffects

A right-wing activist group, “Devbhoomi Raksha Abhiyan” has been circulating posters asking the Muslims to leave the town as an aftereffect of Minor Abduction in Uttarakhand. This right-wing group had been holding a state-wide protest last month against the wedding of PauriGarhwal’s BJP leader Yashpal Rawat’s daughter to a Muslim man last month, leading to the cancellation of the celebration as per the Hindu news.

They will also be holding a maha panchayat on June 15 in the aftermath of the Minor Abduction in Uttarakhand. Darshan Bharti, the founder, denied pasting posters but said the call for the maha panchayat was from them. However, he said, “I am meeting people across town and urging them not to give their houses and shops on rent to people from the Muslim community. Almost 50% of them agreed with me,” said Mr. Bharti, who calls himself Swami.

Muslim Traders have been forced to shut their shops out of fear and anxiety which has directly hampered their business. It is being reported that some unidentified sources have also marked the Muslim shops with an X to identify the minority businessmen. They have also been holding protests to boycott them which is now being supported by Bajrang Dal and Vishwa Hindu Parishad.


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