Karnataka Exit Polls 2023 point towards a hung assembly

Karnataka Exit Polls 2023 point towards a hung assembly but a neck-to-neck fight is surely on the cards as per the predictions. The Congress will be desperate to retain their bastion in the South as they prepare the stage for the Parliament elections to be held next year, whereas the BJP would get a major boost if they are able to form the Government in the only state in South India where they are visible. The Karnataka Exit Polls 2023 however, predicts a hung assembly mostly, with no single party gaining absolute majority. In such a scenario, the JD(S) might be crucial as their inclination can seal the fate of either of the 2 national parties.

Karnataka Exit Polls 2023
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Karnataka Exit Polls 2023 – No clear winner

With a 10% tolerance, as per the Chanakya C Voter, the exit polls conducted by them predict around 92 seats for the BJP and 120 for the Congress with JD(S) securing 12 and Others 2-3 in the 224 member Assembly. However in the Karnataka Exit Polls 2023, Axis predicts a clear win for the Congress with 122 seats pointing towards a significant erosion of seats for the BJP. The India Today polls too, point towards a majority for the Congress with 115 seats and the BJP managing around 85 and JD(S) to be at 22.

However, Times Now predicts a landslide for the BJP as they are predicted to hold on to the Lingayat votes to a much greater extent than the Congress or the JD(S) in the Karnataka Exit Polls 2023. The aggregation points to around 103 seats for the Congress contested closely by BJP at 94 and the JD(S) emerging as the crucial factor with 25 seats in the Karnataka Exit Polls 2023. However, none of the parties is predicted to reach the halfway mark on its own as the BJP is predicted to lose quite a few seats as compared to their tally in 2018 as per the Karnataka Exit Polls 2023.

Karnataka Exit Polls 2023 – Parties express their confidence

Even though the Karnataka Exit Polls 2023 fail to confirm a clear winner, both BJP and the Congress are confident of their performance and predict that they will be able to reach the halfway mark on their own. However, JD(S) leader H D Kumaraswamy confirms to the media that they might be able to bag around 25 seats due to the financial crunch they are currently facing during the elections.

No matter what the Karnataka Assembly Election’s Exit Polls 2023 predictions suggest, there have been numerous instances where the actual results have been totally different than the predictions. It is also very likely, that JD(S) might be crucial and their inclination will ultimately determine the Kings of Karnataka.

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